2012 NFL Draft Preview: 10 Reasons Andrew Luck Is the Only Choice for Colts

Antonio BonkalskiContributor IIINovember 22, 2011

2012 NFL Draft Preview: 10 Reasons Andrew Luck Is the Only Choice for Colts

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    Any news surrounding the NFL Draft this year deals with Andrew Luck.

    Campaigns such as “Suck for Luck” show how immense of a talent Luck is. The hype that he is receiving rivals that of Peyton Manning when he was drafted by the Colts.

    With Luck receiving so much hype and proving week after week how special he is, should the Colts pass him up?

    Indianapolis, at 0-10 and showing no signs of winning even one game, are the leading team in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, but they already have an All-Star in Peyton Manning, so come draft day the Colts are going to be faced with a very difficult decision.

    Here are some reasons why the Colts cannot pass up Andrew Luck.

Best Player Available

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    Andrew Luck is by far the best player available in this draft. It has been a long time since a talent like this has impacted the draft like Luck is at the moment.

    There cannot be any draft talk without mentioning Andrew Luck.

    By being the best player available, the Colts should draft him, simple as that. Drafting the best player available is always a good strategy, especially when the team you play for is that reliant on the quarterback position.

    The Colts should not pass up Luck, because the tier that Luck is on is so much higher than the second tier of players in the NFL draft.

He Has Manning as a Mentor

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    Do you ever notice how good Aaron Rodgers is?

    Rodgers was drafted by the Packers, and even though he was an immense talent in college, he had to ride the bench behind Brett Favre.

    Now Rodgers is glad he did so because he is the most dominant player in the NFL, and I am not saying that Luck will be the best player in the league, but it is definitely a plus to have a mentor as good as Peyton Manning on your side.

    With Manning leading the way for the Colts, he could give Luck a very good perspective of the NFL level and how to adjust to the speed and play of the defenses in the NFL.

    Instead of passing up on Luck, they should let Manning groom him into an elite NFL quarterback.

What Happens If Manning's Injury Is Career-Ending?

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    The Colts' worst nightmare right now is seeing Manning call it quits from the NFL because of his neck injury.

    Even though they do not want to picture it, they have to look at the bigger picture and discuss the options if Manning’s injury turns out to be career-ending.

    This is where Luck comes into play. The Colts should definitely not pass on him if they have the slightest chance of losing Manning.

    The world has seen just how poor the Colts are without Manning. They are so reliant on the quarterback that they went from a playoff contender to the worst team in the NFL due to the loss of one man.

    If Luck could step in and play well, he could keep the hopes of the Colts' future afloat.

They Don't Want Other Teams To Take Him

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    If not for their own benefit, why don’t the Colts take Luck to prevent other teams from getting him?

    This is exactly what the Colts should do.

    Having an elite quarterback is one of the most essential parts of an NFL team, so having two of them will not only benefit the Colts, but it will leave other teams empty-handed..

    There is no worse feeling for the Colts then letting Luck go and seeing him dominate the league, so with this in mind they have to take him if they get the chance.

They Don't Have To Change Their Offensive System

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    Like I said, the Colts rely on Manning to be the producer for their offense.

    When he retires, they do not want to have to endure a season such as this one, where they go the entire season (potentially) without a win.

    If they draft Luck, he has the skill set needed to perform well in the offensive scheme of the Colts.

    Drafting Luck will allow the Colts to not have to change their offensive system post-Manning because Luck has the skills needed to step in his shoes and keep the offense powerful and always lighting up the scoreboard.

They Don't Have a Legitimate Backup

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    Even though they have Manning, the Colts have no legitimate backup quarterback.

    They thought that Curtis Painter could come in and at least get some wins for the team but he’s failed so far and so has their offseason pickup in Kerry Collins.

    With this in mind, the Colts have to see that without Manning, they are nothing. Even if Manning continues to play for years to come, it will be beneficial to have a player that could step into the offense and deliver somewhat of a decent offensive performance.

    Luck is the answer to that question as well. He could be the best backup in the league for Manning and allow the Colts to be a contender even if Manning falls.

They Need To Keep Fans in the Seats

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    The Colts fan hood has drastically changed since the fall of Peyton Manning.

    Fans do not believe in their team like they used to, and for good reason, as they have the worst record in the NFL.

    By drafting Luck, it will add more fans to the stands and, even if Manning is no longer there, there will be hope for Indianapolis.

    With the hype that comes with Luck, fans will come as just to see exactly how good he is.

    So from a business standpoint, keeping the fans in the stadium is a necessity and Luck will surely bring a lot of viewers to the games.

Decreased Transition Era

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    The Colts are praying that Manning gets better and can play for them again, but what happens when he can no longer play?

    The NFL viewing world has seen what the post-Manning transition era looks like for the Colts and it looks bleak.

    If the Colts draft Luck, they will not have to watch their team lose game after game because Luck could step in and transition fairly quickly to the Colts' schemes.

    If the Colts pass on Luck, it may be a long time before they find a dominant quarterback that can replace Manning.

    Because of this, they must take him and let him grow into an elite quarterback.

Drop-off of Talent Behind Luck

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     Luck is on his own level in the NFL Draft.

    The second quarterback to be projected to go in the draft is Robert Griffin III, according to Walter Football’s mock draft.

    This shows the huge drop-off of talent after Luck coming into this year’s draft.

    Usually there are a couple competitors for the first spot in the draft, but Andrew Luck basically has his name tattooed to the position.

    The Colts cannot pass on someone with this much hype and this much talent, especially when the level of talent after him drops significantly.

Trade Value

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    If the Colts take Luck, they could be looking at extreme value for teams that are desperate for a quarterback.

    Teams like the Dolphins are in need of a quarterback and could be willing to give up a lot for a quarterback like Andrew Luck.

    If the Colts do not want to keep him on their squad, they should at least get him for the trade value that he comes with.

    If the Colts take him, they will undoubtedly get four or five offers from teams interested in getting him.

    With that trade value, the Colts can get some already-proven players to help their team in other areas that they are vulnerable in.