LeGarrette Blount and 6 Other NFL Players Defenses Can't Bring Down

Kraig LundbergAnalyst IIINovember 20, 2011

LeGarrette Blount and 6 Other NFL Players Defenses Can't Bring Down

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    The NFL is littered with very stout human beings, and now, we'll take a look at the elite of the elite—seven players that are a nightmare to tackle.

    One of those players is Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount, who had one of the runs of the season this week.

    Here are seven players who give even the NFL's best tacklers fits.

LeGarrette Blount, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    LeGarrette Blount is a 6', 247-pound running back that comes at you like a freight train, so one can understand why defenders would hate taking this guy on.

    The Green Bay Packers learned firsthand how difficult Blount is to bring down when he broke six tackles on his way to a spectacular 54-yard touchdown run.

    The Buccaneers lost 35-26, but behind Blount's monstrous run, they gave the Packers a good scare.

    Blount finished the game with 18 carries, 107 yards and a touchdown, showing the NFL how hard he is to bring down in the process.

Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings

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    Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got a tough break against the Oakland Raiders today, sustaining a sprained ankle on his sixth carry.

    But that carry, a 12-yarder in which he broke several tackles, epitomized the way Peterson has run throughout his NFL career.

    Peterson gained about nine yards after initial contact on the carry, showing his impressive combination of speed and power. The former Oklahoma Sooner has been making plays like that since his college freshman season.

    This list just wouldn't be complete without AP.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seattle Seahawks

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    Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch is not a very consistent player, but when he wants to be, he can be a very, very tough player to bring down.

    Lynch had one of the greatest runs in NFL history last year to secure a playoff upset of the New Orleans Saints. Lynch went into "beast mode" and powered his way through several tackles on his way to a touchdown.

    That one run is reason enough for Lynch to be on this list, but he's had several big games lately and has become a big weapon for the Seahawks this season.

Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers

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    Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had a remarkable rookie season both passing and running, and he's proven to be very tough to bring down.

    One of Newton's two touchdown runs against the Detroit Lions was an 11-yarder in which he somehow snuck through a host of Lions and into the end zone.

    Newton has rushed for 411 yards and nine touchdowns on the season, and his 6'5", 248-pound frame makes him a chore to bring to the ground.

    The Detroit Lions found out the hard way today, despite winning 49-35.

Tim Tebow, QB, Denver Broncos

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    Regardless of your opinion on the Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow as a quarterback, there's no denying how difficult he has been to bring down when running the football.

    Tebow carried eight times for 68 yards and a game-winning 20-yard touchdown against the Jets, and he now has 56 carries for 388 yards and three touchdowns.

    Many people say Tebow should be playing fullback—and for good reason. A quarterback in a fullback's body, Tebow has a physical running style and is very tough to bring down on first contact. 

Darren Sproles, RB, New Orleans Saints

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    If you don't know who Darren Sproles is, you are probably not a Big 12 fan.

    Sproles is arguably the best player in Kansas State history, and his college highlight reel could probably be several hours long.

    Now with the New Orleans Saints, the 5'6", 190-pound pinball continues to make defenders miss and break tackles up and down the field.

    With 51 carries for 348 yards, 60 receptions for 488 yards and five total touchdowns, Sproles has found a home on the New Orleans offense and has had several highlight reel plays this season.

    Not only is Sproles quick as lightning, he's also deceptively tough and can break tackles.

Devin Hester, WR/ST, Chicago Bears

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    Along with Sproles, Chicago Bears return man Devin Hester bucks the trend for this list.

    Hester will likely go down as the greatest returner in NFL history, and every time he gets the ball, the whole stadium holds its collective breath.

    Hester has an unbelievable 17 return touchdowns in his career, including 12 punt returns for touchdowns, which is the most in NFL history.

    Every time Hester has the ball in his hands, it seems like he is doing something special. He can make defenders miss like it's nobody's business, but what makes him truly special is his ability to break tackles and turn short returns into huge scores.