5 Ways the Kansas City Chiefs Have Failed to Imitate the New England Patriots

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent INovember 18, 2011

5 Ways the Kansas City Chiefs Have Failed to Imitate the New England Patriots

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    In light of the Chiefs' upcoming Monday Night game against the Patriots, I have decided to take a more in-depth look at how Kansas City and current general manager Scott Pioli have failed at imitating the Pats.

    When Pioli came to KC nearly three years ago, there was a lot of talk about how the franchise would begin doing things "the Patriot way."

    Here are five ways that Pioli and his organization have failed to do so.

Lack of Team Depth

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    This is an area that the Patriots have prided themselves in over the years.

    It's also an area that Chiefs' GM Scott Pioli wanted to improve. But he hasn't been able to add much to it in his two-plus years with the organization.

    It says a lot about your team when your starting QB goes down and all you have to back him up is a journeyman QB with only 82 career passing yards.

    Across the board, Kansas City is miles behind New England as far as team depth is concerned.

Lack of Consistency Throughout the Organization

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    One of the main reasons why the New England Patriots have been a dominant franchise over the past 10 years if due to their consistency of their organization from top to bottom.

    KC has been anything but consistent in the past few seasons.

    During that time, they have gone through four offensive coordinators, two defensive coordinators and a slew of players on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

    If you look at some of the best NFL franchises in history, you will see their elite level of consistency, which is something that the Chiefs haven't seen for quite some time.

Not Fixing the QB Situation

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    Everyone knows that once the Patriots fixed their quarterback situation by replacing veteran Drew Bledsoe with Tom Brady, they started winning championships.

    One of the most frustrating things that Chiefs' fans have had to deal with over the years has been the lack of a franchise quarterback.

    Pioli thought he had a diamond in the rough when he traded for QB Matt Cassel during the '09 offseason.

    As we all have come to know, Pioli made a mistake and, until he corrects his mistake, the Chiefs' offense will be stuck in mediocrity for awhile.

Not Fixing Either the Offensive or Defensive Line

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    Two of the major building blocks when putting together a successful franchise are the ability to form solid lines on both sides of the ball.

    New England has been one of the best in doing so since 2001, as they have often selected linemen in the first few rounds of the NFL draft.

    Pioli and his staff have had ample time to improve both the offensive line and defensive line, but instead have filled it with washed-up players like Casey Wiegmann, Ryan Lilja and Kelly Gregg.

    The overall play of both lines has been one of the biggest reasons why the Chiefs are heading to another miserable season in 2011.

Inconsistency with Drafting Impact Players from Year to Year

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    Something that the Patriots have done well over the past decade is draft good players who fit their system.

    When the Chiefs lured Pioli away from New England during the '09 offseason, many around Kansas City thought that they were getting a draft guru.

    Instead, they got a man who picked the over-matched Tyson Jackson with his very first selection, and has only managed to get impact players via the draft in one of three seasons as the Chiefs' GM so far.

    Until Kansas City starts drafting impact players that can help their team, it will be a long time before Chiefs' fans see the type of success that the Patriots have had in recent years.