Fantasy Football Week 11 Sleepers: These Guys Will Be Gold in the Second Half

Steven YangCorrespondent INovember 18, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 11 Sleepers: These Guys Will Be Gold in the Second Half

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    Right about this time, thousands of fantasy football participants are scrambling to find replacements for their injured, or potentially injured, players. 

    Quarterbacks are injured.

    Running backs are probable.

    Match-ups between offenses and defenses don’t add up.

    There are multiple reasons why people are trying to change their own lineup.  While this is all happening, fans are trying to figure out the next sleeper to come out and save their season.

    Here is a list of some players that could potentially be huge for owners in the second half of the NFL season.

Patriots Defense

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    Although the Patriots have worst pass defense, based on statistics, in the league, it will not matter that much for the rest of the season.

    Picking up the win against the New York Jets was a big one.  The reason being that New England’s schedule after that game is pretty lax.

    The teams they face for the rest of the season have quarterbacks the likes of Curtis Painter, Rex Grossman, and even Tim Tebow.

    The Pats defense not only has a pretty easy schedule but also is coached by Bill Belichick, whose teams are known to improve as the season wears on.  

Reggie Bush

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    It helps Reggie Bush that his team is not doing so well.  It looks like there is less organization and more freedom to just play the game.

    When Bush was on the Saints, there was already a plan, a quarterback and coaching staff.

    He was a rookie and there to be a tool in the schemes rather than be the center piece the schemes revolve around.

    While playing at USC, he had confidence in knowing if he lost yards or gained yards, he would not be judged for it.  Granted, the fact that it is a professional league makes the stakes much higher.

    Bush, through this season alone, has amassed 20 percent of his total career yards through a six-year career. 

    Look for Bush to come out and play pretty well for the remainder of the season.  

Andre Johnson

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    Although Johnson has been injured, it looks like he is on his way back very soon.

    Previous to injury, Johnson was a legitimate star.  He was in contention with receivers such as Larry Fitzgerald and Randy Moss (Minnesota days) as best receiver in the game. 

    He has the size and skill to beat some of the best defenses single handed. 

    Now that quarterback Matt Schaub is injured and back-up Matt Leinart is being put into the lineup, he will most likely get more looks due to the inexperience of Leinart.

    Look for Johnson to have a great second half of the season when he gets put back into the lineup.

Chad Ochocinco

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    Although Chad Ochocinco is having a pretty weak year statistically, it looks as if he is heading in the right direction.

    The Patriots offense is largely dependent on Tom Brady and the receivers connection to each other.  There is a lot of leeway on the routes and the success is ultimately determined by the connection of the two.

    Ochocinco was struggling with the connection with Brady, not necessarily the talent or physical ability of his play.

    After watching the game against the Jets, it looks like Ochocinco is starting to understand his routes and the system slightly better.

    Each game presents more practice for Ochocinco to come in and make a difference.

    Look for Ochocinco to make a splash in fantasy leagues as the weeks go on and backups are needed in the lineup.  

Early Doucet

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    His production in relativity to the rest of his career is outstanding this 2011 NFL season.

    Early Doucet currently has 461 yards and four touchdowns.  His career stats over a four-year span are 1,056 yards and six touchdowns.

    Needless to say his stock and performance is on the rise.

    Look for Doucet to come out and play some good minutes.  If anyone is in need of a sleeper pick to fill their roster, look no further than Mr. Doucet.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

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    It is hard to see a running back for a Tom Brady-led offense put up any significant numbers, but this will happen.

    Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, has a tendency to know later on in the season that throwing the ball 80 percent of the time is not going to work. 

    Belichick does a very good job at balancing the offense, mainly to be prepared for the post season in which teams are substantially better than the average regular season talent.

    Look for Green-Ellis to get more touches and gain more yards due to the fact that most defenses will be looking to stop Brady first.

    Knowing the Pats are a pass first offense will definitely add to the effectiveness of BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

    With Belichick calling the offense, the balance of run and pass will equal out and Green-Ellis will definitely add some big numbers.

Darrius Heyward-Bey

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    Darrius Heyward-Bey is one of the fastest players in the league.

    He has pretty good hands and just torches defenders on his routes.   With a new quarterback in Carson Palmer, it is going to take some time to get used to each other.

    However, now that they have played in a few games, it looks like the chemistry is starting to work its way in.

    Heyward-Bey will add another dimension to the Raiders offense and Palmer will start looking toward him much more.

    Late in the season, Heyward-Bey will be Palmer’s go-to receiver, which should make fantasy owners happy in terms of points acquired.  

Matt Leinart

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    Newly appointed starter of the first-place Houston Texans, Matt Leinart will have lots of pressure from the fans, coaches and teammates.

    Luckily for Leinart, he is no stranger to the bright lights and pressure of the big stage.  He spent his college years at USC alongside one of most hyped college teams in the history of the game.

    Although he has yet to prove himself as a solid quarterback in the NFL, it seems that he is starting to pick up on the amount of work needed to succeed.

    Being named starter will help Leinart with his confidence and Andre Johnson coming off the injury report soon will also help Leinart’s production immensely.

    Matt Leinart could put up some solid numbers as a backup to any injured quarterbacks in fantasy football lineups.  A potential switch could be Michael Vick, who has recently come into injury and is only “probable” for future games. 

Tim Tebow

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    There is no sports fan out there that does not have an opinion on Tim Tebow.

    Whether that opinion is how bad he is or how good he could be, opinions will never die down about this player.

    That being said, Tebow, for the short-term, is going to put up some decent numbers and could be a sleeper in many leagues.

    In the wins he has had this season, his total stats are triple-digit total yards (both rushing and passing included) with a touchdown or two per game. 

    Statistically, for a fantasy league, that is not too bad, especially if one’s starting quarterback is questionable to play.

    Whether Tebow is a legitimate quarterback who possesses the mechanics or not, he does put up numbers.   

Maurice Morris

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    The Detroit Lions started off hot and have simmered a bit over the past few weeks.

    Calvin “Megatron” Johnson has started to slow down a bit in terms of production and so has his partner in crime, Matthew Stafford.

    With Stafford recently becoming injured and defenses adjusting to the high-octane passing attack, look for the Lions to start running the ball more.

    Jahvid Best is also out for the Lions, which puts Maurice Morris as the primary back.

    This means more touches and more production is going to be expected from Morris. 

    Morris will be able to fill up some roster spots on fantasy teams and put up decent back-up numbers.  The recent transgressions to the Lions roster works in favor of Morris and anyone who wants to pick him up.