Top 15 Most Awesome Touchdowns from NFL Week 10

Hal NicholsCorrespondent INovember 14, 2011

Top 15 Most Awesome Touchdowns from NFL Week 10

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    Week 10 of the 2011 NFL season saw its fair share of big plays and impressive touchdowns.  This week, all three phases of the game contributed to the best plays of the week.  We saw a pair of punt return TDs, as well as a pair of defensive TDs. 

    Click through the slideshow for the 15 best touchdowns from Week 10 in the NFL.

Vincent Brown Dominates the Double Team

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    A common thread in the highlights for this week in the NFL is wide receivers going up over multiple defensive backs and snatching away TDs.  Vincent Brown kicked off this trend on Thursday night with him great effort over two pitiful Raiders defenders. 

Dez Bryant Goes Up Top

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    Continuing with the theme of wider receivers posterizing defensive backs, Dez Bryant hauls in a beautiful long TD pass from Tony Romo.  It's hard to fault a guy for giving up this TD, as Dez Braynt is a freak of nature.  However, that doesn't make it look any better for the defender, as Bryant just out manned him to make the catch.

A.J. Green out Jumps Polamalu and Company

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    And Now it's A.J. Green's turn.  In what is has become the compelling rookie-to-rookie combo in recent memory, Andy Dalton throws the ball up to the back of the end zone to give Green a chance to make a play.  A.J. certainly does his part.

Robert Meachem Caches a Drew Brees Strike

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    Stop me if you have heard this before: Drew Brees rolls out of the pocket and delivers a strike into the end zone to [insert Saints receiver here].  On this play, it was Robert Meachem's turn to be on the receiving of a laser-guided Brees missile.

Mark Mariani Takes It to the House

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    Mark Mariani might be the lowest profile Pro Bowl return man in NFL history.  While he has been less impressive this season, he still has the juice to take a punt the distance.  Here he gets some great blocking and weaves through traffic to put the Titans up early.

Damian Williams Makes Moves, Takes It in from 40 Yards Out

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    Damian Williams is a young wide receiver that the Titans have really tried to lean on in Kenny Britt's absence.  He is beginning to hit his stride, with this beauty of a run after catch.  This play follows up his spectacular toe-tap touchdown last week against the Bengals.

Laurent Robinson Goes Deep

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    Tony Romo absolutely lit up the Buffalo Bills today.  On this play, Laurent Robinson gets behind the defense and Romo finds him.  This play illustrates why Romo is such a frustrating figure at time for Cowboys fans.  When he is on, he is among the best QBs in the league.  When he isn't on though, he's a disaster.

Jacoby Jones Splits the Double Team

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    Perhaps the most embarrassing play in football for a defense is when two defenders go for a tackle and end up whiffing and taking each other out.  Well, this play has that, only its coupled with letting the Jones get wide, wide open to begin with.  Kids, take notes: this is how you DON'T play defense.

Arian Foster Breaks Buccaneer Ankles, Hearts

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    This was not a good day for Buccaneers defenders trying to make tackles.  Arian Foster makes a seemingly harmless short reception.  However, he turns it up field and couple of ankle-breaking cuts later, he rumbles 78 yards for a touchdown.  

Devin Hester Does What Devin Hester Does

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    This just in: Devin Hester is good at punt returns.  Like, really good.  These days he doesn't even bother with catching the ball cleanly before he shames the other team and runs through their coverage team.  I guess the guy is getting bored.

A Pair of Pick Sixes for Chicago

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    This slide is a two-fer.  On back-to-back drives today, Matt Stafford served up a pair of pick sixes to Major Wright and Charles Tillman.  Up to this point, Detroit at least was in striking distance, given their propensity this season for unlikely come from behind victories this season.  However, these were the final nails in the coffin, as Chicago stomped the Lions today.

Vernon Davis Soars in the Endzone

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    The biggest shock of this season, at least in a good way, is easily the San Francisco 49ers.  Jim Harbaugh's work with QB Alex Smith has been nothing short of miraculous.  Here he finds Vernon Davis, who makes one of the most bizarre-looking dives into the end zone you will ever see.  I think it's about time to stop wondering if these guys are for real. 

Mario Manningham in the Back of the End Zone

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    Mario Manningham makes a beautiful toe-drag catch in the the back of the end zone to haul in a TD from Eli Manning.  It's somewhat amazing how low Manningham's profile is considering he's a pretty good wide receiver in New York.  He may not be among the elite, but plenty of teams would love to add a guy like him to the wide receiver corps.

Eli Manning Throws a Beautiful Pass to Hakeem Nicks

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    You simply cannot throw a ball better than this.  The coverage on Hakeem Nicks is fairly tight, but not tight enough to keep Eli from dropping a beautiful pass into Nicks.