Cam Newton, Tim Tebow and the Best Fantasy Players on Terrible Teams

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistNovember 13, 2011

Cam Newton, Tim Tebow and the Best Fantasy Players on Terrible Teams

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    Do you know what the least important stat in fantasy football is? Wins.

    You get no points for wins, which means that even though you'd probably rather have Tom Brady than Cam Newton on your team in real life, in fantasy, Newton is your guy.

    So what other players are out there killing it on your fantasy team, while their actual team is getting killed?

    This is a combination of hot players right now and the best players over the course of the season. 

    I also think the Eagles still have a good team and that they have the ability to put it all together and make a playoff run, so I've left LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick off this list.

    Here are the 10 best fantasy players on terrible teams. 

    Stats and W/L updated through Week 9

No. 10: Marshawn Lynch

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    14.10 points per game on Yahoo the last four weeks. 2-6 with Seattle.

    I'm one of the people that thought Beast Mode was finished last year. Even though he had that breakout game in the playoffs, nobody really expected him to become a viable fantasy option.

    Well, it's happened. Fourteen points a game over the last four weeks is nothing to sneeze at. Lynch has been the one bright spot for an awful Seattle team, and if you were lucky enough to pick him up for a middle-of-the-season run, you were rewarded.

    Not sure if he can keep this up, but I wouldn't bet against him.

No. 9: Dwayne Bowe

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    14.05 points per game in Yahoo. 4-4 on Chiefs.

    You have to give credit to Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs offense has just been dreadful after Charlie Weis left, but somehow, Dwayne Bowe is still a top-10 wide receiver in fantasy.

    That's a borderline miracle if you've watched Kansas City on offense this year. If you had the foresight to stick with Bowe after a rough start to the season, you're being rewarded.

    Who knows how good he'll be in the Chiefs get a decent QB in the draft.

No. 8: Philip Rivers

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    17.67 points per game on Yahoo. 4-5 on the Chargers.

    Rivers has had an abysmal season by his standards, and the Chargers have suffered right along with him.

    Yet somehow, Rivers is still a top-10 quarterback this season. He still manages to rack up the yards and scores, so you might as well stick with him.

    You'll definitely have more luck with Rivers in fantasy this year than you will on the field.

No. 7: Maurice Jones-Drew

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    13.51 points per game in Yahoo. 2-6 with the Jags.

    Is there a team in the NFL that relies more on one player than Jacksonville? Who else is going to move the ball on that team? Blaine Gabbert? Please.

    Yet, even though teams know what's coming, MJD still manages to come through for the Jags and fantasy owners.

    For a team that stinks as bad as the Jags, you have to give him credit for still piling up the double-digit games week after week.

No. 6: Steve Smith

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    18.4 points per game in Yahoo. 2-6 on the Panthers.

    A direct result of Cam Newton revitalizing the Panthers offense, Steve Smith has been a revelation.

    In his prime, Steve Smith was almost uncoverable, but he's been saddled with a terrible quarterback for the past five years. Think Larry Fitzgerald the last couple of years and beyond.

    But now, Smith has turned it on and become a top-five wideout in the league once more. 

No. 5: Steven Jackson

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    20.48 points per game over the last four weeks in Yahoo. 1-7 on Rams.

    It's easy to forget about Stephen Jackson. The Rams haven't been relevant in quite some time, but Jackson has still managed to stick around and stay a viable fantasy option for the past seven years.

    Seriously, did you know he's heading for his seventh straight 1,000-yard rushing season? Not to mention he already has five touchdowns this year.

    Hard to ask for more from a guy.

No. 4: Reggie Bush

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    18.6 points per game on Yahoo the last three weeks. 2-7 on Dolphins.*

    Ever since rumors circulated that Reggie Bush met with his old flame, Kim Kardashian, right before she filed for divorce, Bush has been on an absolute tear. This is the guy we all imagined he could be when he came into the league.

    I don't know if we can thank Kim K for this, but I don't know what else could have spurred this on. And frankly, I don't care.

    Even though the Fins still suck, Bush is now a fantasy must-start all of a sudden.

    *These stats are updated through Week 10.

No. 3: Adrian Peterson

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    20.24 points per game in Yahoo. 2-6 on Vikings.

    We all knew that Adrian Peterson was going to have a good year; that's what great running backs do, but it's admirable how well he's managed to do with an absolutely terrible team around him.

    Donovan McNabb looks like he's a total bust, and nobody else seems to be able to make a play, but AP just keeps chugging along, putting up numbers even though the Vikings won't be getting to the playoffs any time soon.

No. 2: Tim Tebow

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    20.93 points per game on Yahoo the past four weeks. 3-5 on the Broncos. 

    Love him or hate him on the field, fantasy owners just straight up love Tim Tebow.

    All those rushing yards from a QB translate into big fantasy points, and Tebow also finds a way to get into the endzone, somehow. 

    Nobody is under the impression that the Broncos are an actual good team, even though they're sitting at 5-4, but Tim Tebow could actually be considered a top-tier fantasy quarterback moving forward.

    The world is a crazy place.

No. 1: Cam Netwon

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    26.2 points per game in Yahoo. 2-6 with the Panthers.

    Obviously, Cam Newton is the crown jewel of this class. From the first game of the season, it became apparent that the Panthers were not going to win many games and that Cam was going to put up some insane numbers.

    After the first nine starts of his career, he's already ahead of where guys like Dan Marino and Peyton Manning were at that point. Except with wins. Pretty sure the other guys started winning more right away. Not sure we can put that on Cam, though.