Why the Denver Broncos Will Make Mince Meat of the Kansas City Chiefs

Christopher Smith@MileHighMentorCorrespondent IIINovember 12, 2011

Why the Denver Broncos Will Make Mince Meat of the Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs meet up in Week 10 in a huge matchup for the AFC West.

    The Oakland Raiders currently lead the division, after downing the San Diego Chargers on Thursday, with a 5-4 record.

    Just below them are the Chiefs (4-4), the Chargers (now 4-5) and the Broncos (3-5.)

    With a win, the Broncos will rise again in the division and tie the Chiefs and Chargers for second in the division.

    Even with a losing record to begin with, and a losing record at stake, this game is absolutely huge for the Denver Broncos.

    A division title may still be the furthest thing in mind for most football followers, but it remains a definite possibility for Denver and its fans.

    Here are the reasons why the Denver Broncos and fan-favorite Tim Tebow will flip the script on the division this week with a commanding win over the Chiefs in Arrowhead.

    Let me get this out of the way and say to anyone who still thinks John Fox and John Elway are trying to sabotage this team and lose for Luck, that you are insane and should cease to discuss football with others. Thank you.

The Zone-Read Option Offense Will Remain Relevant for One More Week

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    John Fox and Mike McCoy have successfully played to Tebow's strengths and weaknesses by developing an NFL option that actually managed to work for an entire game.

    At some point, it is expected that NFL-caliber coaches and teams will make adjustments to make Denver's option obsolete.

    Unfortunately for Kansas City, that won't happen until Week 11.

    The Chiefs, who currently rank 19th against the run, will fall victim to the heavy rushing attack of Tebow and Willis McGahee just as the Raiders did last Sunday.

    A team that couldn't stop one runner efficiently for nine weeks so far will certainly have a tough time against two, especially when they're both on the field at the same time.

    Just as Michael Vick remains deadly as a runner, so will Tebow.

    He may not have the arm to deliver a proficient passing game for his team, at least not yet, but his legs can change the game in a matter of minutes.

    Look for the option to run over, under, and through the Chiefs on Sunday—and enjoy it, because this offense will not last long in the NFL.

Denver's Defense Will Return to Dominance

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    It was only two years ago that Denver's defense was near the top of the league.

    The key to that defense has finally returned to notability as of last week.

    Elvis Dumervil, after expressing his frustration with his inability to deliver impact play for his team, made good on his promise of meaningful contribution last week.

    Dumervil earned his first sack of the year against Carson Palmer and the Raiders.

    Lining up behind him is Defensive Rookie of the Year favorite—for some—Von Miller.

    It's been since Week 1 that anybody was truly excited about this duo.

    Now, in Week 10, these two frightening defenders will need to pick up the slack for missing linebacker and leading tackler Wesley Woodyard.

    With all that's at stake for Denver in this game—their record, their reputation, their quarterback's status—expect Dumervil and Miller, "Doom and Gloom," to do everything necessary to keep the Chiefs limping offense at bay.

    Oh, and don't forget that Champ Bailey is playing, too.

    Last year, in Arrowhead, Champ kept the Chiefs No. 1 wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to a whopping zero catches for zero yards.

    Don't think that an all-time great like Champ has forgotten how to stop this guy. Bowe will have a long day sprinting alongside Bailey and never catching a ball.

Keep the Ball in Tebow's Arms, but Not Necessarily in His Hands

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    In Week 9, the coaching staff and play-callers knew exactly how to keep the drives moving in the second half for Denver.

    Let McGahee Run. 

    Let Tebow Run.

    Do Not Let Tebow Pass.

    Tebow had only four passing attempts in the second half. He could have had more if he wasn't so quick to pull down the ball and run. But honestly, who wants him to throw more right now?

    Tebow and the Denver offense were more effective than they've been all year, and it was all made possible by not letting Tebow throw the ball.

    Drives don't get anywhere by not completing passes.

    They do OK when you run the ball for 7.8 yards per carry.

    Denver should keep up their same style of play-calling, and as the first slide implied, run all over the Chiefs.