2008 NFL League MVP Goes To...

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIDecember 14, 2008

Adrian Peterson. I did not think I would be saying that, I've always been a massive Warner supporter and devoted fan, but when it comes to predictions, I'm going realistic here.

The nail in the coffin was Peterson vs. the Cards defense against Kurt Warner vs. the Vikings defense.

Coming in, the Cards run defense was horrid, and so was the Vikings pass defense, but who came out on top?

Warner didn't even sniff 400 passing yards like he has in other games that were lost with eight minutes remaining.

And I don't think the Associated Press can ignore these last five games, the Cardinals are not going to touch the Super Bowl. A wild card playoff win might be done, but it will be tough considering the Cardinals are probably going to finish fourth seed and have to face the top wild card team, with a better record, looking to be the Atlanta Falcons.

What other candidates are there?

Favre? Yeah, I thought he had a good shot, but mind you, I said that IF the Jets are second seed, they might not even win the AFC East. Seriously, they beat the lowly Buffalo Bills on a late game lucky roll.

Eli Manning? We have to see how he does without Burress, and the Giants seem to be slipping, in all seriousness his stats don't go well with past MVPs.

So who?

A defensive player? Maybe, maybe, but Joey Porter or James Harrison will have to up their sack totals and the Steelers taking No. 1 in AFC would help.

However it seems by all the talk this season, it's going to be an offensive threat that takes the prize, and Adrian Peterson has really catapulted himself into the spotlight.

His Vikings look to nab NFC North and No. 3 seed in NFC and he has already set the franchise record for rush yards in a season, not to mention the Vikings have NO QB.

Don't let Tavarise Jackson's numbers against the Cardinals fool you, INT leader Favre threw six TDs against them and without Peterson putting on the hurt on the ground, Jackson doesn't have the luxury of NO PRESSURE!

So there we go, two games remain and my vote is cast, all hail King Peterson I.