The 10 MLB Team Logos That Should Make a Comeback

Steven ConklinCorrespondent IIOctober 31, 2011

The 10 MLB Team Logos That Should Make a Comeback

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    In this age of sports, fans seem to care about the appeal of their team's logo just as much as they do their team's performance. Right along with ticket sales are the sales of team uniforms, hats and shirts. If you live in a sports city, you are bound to see logos of the teams that play in that city everywhere you walk.

    Representing your team's colors and logo have become a baseball culture. As fans, we buy into it more than anyone. But what if the teams start buying into it more as well?

    Let's say a new logo could help a team win games and maybe titles. Would they make the change? What if bringing back a logo from winning times helped?

    Here is a look at the 10 MLB team logos that should be brought back, whether it is to just give the team a better look or to bring back memories of a winning culture and motivate the club.

10. New York Mets Alt. (1995-1998)

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    Don't get me wrong. I actually love the current Mets logo with the New York skyline behind it, but Mr. Met is a classic.

    Why not bring him back as an alternate logo? This second version of Mr. Met was introduced in 1995 and only lasted three years.

    Just look at how enthusiastic and what a hustler he is! Maybe he could teach the Mets a lesson.

9. Texas Rangers (1984-1993)

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    I know what you're thinking.The Texas Rangers are now the two-time defending American League champions. So why do they need a new logo?

    Maybe this logo they had from 1984 to '93, which shows just how big Texas is, would help them win a big game. If everything truly is bigger in Texas, the current logo isn't living up to it.

    This logo could even attract the big guy, Prince Fielder. We know Nolan Ryan is a fan. Just think about it.

8. Chicago Cubs Alt. (1994-1996)

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    The Chicago Cubs are one of the most historic franchises in baseball. Their logo identifies them with ease, but if any team needs a new identity, it's the "Lovable Losers."

    It's a wonder why they only sported this alternate logo for only three seasons. It looks great on merchandise and gives the fans something to enjoy. Face it, they don't get much.

    I'm not saying they shouldn't keep their current logo, but this bear looks a lot more fierce than any of the others they've had, and the Cubs certainly need to start intimidating teams soon somehow.

7. St. Louis Cardinals (1956-1966)

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    Obviously, the Cardinals aren't having any trouble winning. As World Series champs, everything is dandy in St. Louis, except of course the future Albert Pujols-related stress.

    However, their current logo is one of the weaker ones in Major League Baseball. There's nothing great about a Cardinal perched on a baseball bat. Now, a Cardinal ready to launch one into left field? That's a logo.

    The Cards should bring this 1950's and '60's logo back. Maybe it would even inspire Matt Holliday to actually hit the ball in their next World Series.

6. San Diego Padres (1969-1984)

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    The original San Diego Padres logo is phenomenal. Padre means "father" in Spanish, and a friar fits perfectly for this Southern California baseball club.

    The brown and yellow color scheme somehow works, although their uniforms weren't always the greatest.

    If the Padres were to bring their old logo back, let's hope he isn't showing them how to swing a bat. Granted, he'd still hit better than most of San Diego's 2011lineup.

5. Oakland Athletics Alt. (1994)

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    I actually might be the only one who thinks this logo is awesome, but the A's need to take notice.

    Oakland sported this as an alternate for just the shortened 1994 season, but probably because it is indeed too cool for the city of Oakland.

    An elephant sporting some pretty sweet shades would be perfect for a young team looking to the future.

    Bring it back, Athletics!

4. Toronto Blue Jays (1997-2002)

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    The Toronto Blue Jays will feature a new 2012 logo and it has leaked onto the Internet to a positive reception. It is an updated version of the throwback logo and brings back the maple leaf to display their Canadian pride.

    As Canada's only team, that maple leaf must be bigger. This logo, which Toronto used from 1997 to 2002, does more justice to Canada than any of the others.

    It's time for Toronto to step up, and this logo would help more than the one leaked across the web.

3. Baltimore Orioles (1966-1988)

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    The Orioles aren't winning too many ball games but if they brought back this historic logo, they'd at least be winning some kind of competition.

    Baltimore had this logo for 23 seasons while it was a winning franchise. The Orioles won three of their seven World Series appearances with this logo, making it a fan favorite.

    He may be small, but that bird swings a pretty big bat. Take notes, Baltimore.

2. Milwaukee Brewers (1978-1993)

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    Although I will never like the Milwaukee Brewers, I must admit this is the best logo in all of baseball. The Brew Crew sported this for 16 seasons and now use it occasionally as their alternate logo. The current script logo is nothing compared to this one.

    The blue and yellow just stick out, and the originality is untouchable. Who would have thought a "m" and a "b" would make a baseball glove?

    Milwaukee needs to ditch what they have now and keep this as the everyday insignia.

1. Florida Marlins Alt. (1993-2004)

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    Starting in 2012, this team will be the Miami Marlins. With this comes a new logo and if what has uglied up the Internet is indeed their new one, the Marlins should reconsider immediately.

    The 2012 logo is guaranteed to give fans a headache. Too many bright colors and a poorly represented fish will make kids everywhere hate rainbows.

    This alternate logo that Florida used for its first 11 seasons would still work along with the name change. It would help the Marlins avoid having the worst logo in all of baseball.

    Maybe it would help motivate them to get out of last place as well.