Is Tony Romo the NFL's New Peyton Manning?

Joseph Goode@!/JoeGoodeFitnessCorrespondent IIIOctober 24, 2011

Is Tony Romo the NFL's New Peyton Manning?

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    So has Tony Romo taken the reins as the new Peyton Manning for this league?

    They are great at putting up big numbers, but sulk when they play big games. They have developed reputations of putting up great numbers when it counts the least.

    The similarities between the two quarterbacks are astounding. Many have garnered the two quarterbacks as choke artists. With Peyton out for most part and entering the twilight of his career, Romo takes over as the guy who cannot handle the pressure when it matters most. 

The Media Loves These Guys and They Love Them Back

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    Peyton Manning is adored by the media and fans across the country, and rightfully so. He could quite possibly be the most recognized face in the NFL right now with his charisma and humor.

    Throughout the years, Manning has had memorable commercials that have put smiles on our faces. Although he isn't flashy, he seems to really love the camera. As Manning enters the latter part of his career, it seems as though Romo is set to be the guy that is going to be on all the commercials and who gets all the attention from the media.

    Romo is on America’s Team and seems to accept the bright lights that are flashing toward him. The two seem to have the same personalities and traits which seem to hinder them from the pressures of NFL games. I am not sure if being in the spotlight and on television all the time has any correlation to the reasons why these two guys have had problems when the games are on the line, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Romo has dated celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood, and he has been scrutinized immensely for it. He has also revealed his love for golf and possibly playing professionally one day. Many had claimed that the celebrity was the reason for all his blunders, and I do believe that it has been the cause to an extent.

    There are some players who love the fame more than winning.

Is Peyton Manning Really the Best Ever?

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    Peyton Manning has been heralded as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. He has won a lot of regular season games, put up a lot of great numbers and is loved by the media. Where Peyton comes up short is that he seems to shrink when the stakes are high and when there is a lot of pressure on him. So is he really the best ever with the likes of Joe Montana and Tom Brady on the list?

    It wasn’t until he won his first Super Bowl when the stigma of running from pressure was forgotten. He continually led his teams into the playoffs, but never could get them over the hump. I still feel as though that Peyton should have more Super Bowls under his belt because he is so talented. 

    Manning has been the most prolific and productive quarterback in regular season history, and one would think that the production would continue into the postseason, but it really hasn’t. It doesn’t matter that he has all the individual trophies or Pro Bowl appearances in the world. The only thing that should ever matter is how many Super Bowl trophies a player has.

    I would seriously take Brady or Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger over Peyton Manning because they rise under pressure. I want to see more Super Bowls on Peyton's resume. One ring is almost as disappointing as Dan Marino's zero rings because of Peyton's talent level. Peyton should have at least three Super Bowls to his name, and it is a shame that he does not.

Who Is Tony Romo?

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    Tony Romo is looking more like the next Peyton Manning with each passing game in his career. Manning has already missed the first seven games this season and is entering the end of his career. Romo looks set to take over the duties of being the next choke artist of the league.

    Romo is a player who is full of talent, but has continually come up short in high pressure games. The thing that sets Romo apart from Peyton is that Romo’s teams have been far more talented than any of Peyton’s previous teams. Romo also has an owner who is willing to spend money for talent. The great support around Romo would only suggest that he should succeed.

    He seems to believe that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league almost self proclaiming himself just as LeBron James has. This is a recipe for disaster, as both LeBron and Romo have not been able to step up from the pressures of the big game.

    Romo plays great for about 55 minutes in a games, but never seems to finish a game. I had never seen a player who seems to fear the end of the games as much as Romo. 

    Romo loves the spotlight and could only dream of ever getting to the level of Tom Brady. He needs to stop worrying about his self image and focus on getting the Cowboys a championship.

Regular Season Stats Don't Matter

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    Statistically, the two quarterbacks have had great careers thus far. Peyton Manning has put up numbers in the realms of Dan Marino and will soon break a lot of his records. Marino is another quarterback who seemed to choke under pressure and never seemed to take his teams to that next level.

    The two quarterbacks have numerous combined Pro Bowl appearances and have set a lot of team records. They know how to rack up yards and pad their stats. The numbers look great, but what ultimately matters is what they do in situations that matter the most.

    Peyton has had a lot of fourth quarter comebacks in the regular season. The pressure from the regular season games never seem to get to him, and this is where he and Romo differ. He has 45 fourth quarter comebacks in the regular season, but only has one in the playoffs. One playoff comeback is unreal when he had so many comebacks in the regular season. This is evidence that Peyton’s demeanor changes once he gets into the playoffs and shrinks under the pressure. 

    Romo has had his fair share of problems in the playoffs, but unlike Manning, has had difficulties in regular season games. Tony Romo is a player who plays very well for most of the game doing everything right until the last five minutes of the game.

    No lead is too big to overcome when playing a Romo-led team, which was evidenced in this year's second half comeback by the 49ers. Romo seems like he is always giving the ball up to the other team with bonehead plays at the end of games.

    Would you really consider LeBron James the best to ever play the game if he never won a championship or has only won one? These players have so much talents and put up great numbers in the regular season that wins in crucial games should be warranted.

Manning's Playoffs

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    Peyton has a playoff record of nine wins and 10 losses, with four of the wins coming from the Super Bowl run in 2006. He currently has seven first round exits in the playoffs, with four of the games coming from home. This is one of the biggest numbers that have hurt Manning’s legacy. He has had teams that have been the top seed in the AFC but have been knocked out in the first game of the playoffs.  

    The Super Bowl win against a Rex Grossman-led Bears team has taken the choke artist label off of Manning lately, but his pick-six against the Saints in his second Super Bowl appearance proved costly in that game. It was a game that showed who Manning really was. Manning's defenses have continually risen to the occasion and have helped Manning win some of his games.  

    The playoffs are what separates the best from the average, and if it wasn’t for the Super Bowl run by the Colts, then Peyton wouldn’t have done anything in his playoff career. 

Romo's Playoffs

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    Romo currently has a 1-3 record in the playoffs with numerous mistakes in the games that resulted in losses. 

    In Romo’s first playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, the Cowboys were down 21-20 with 1:19 remaining in the game. Dallas was attempting to kick a field goal for the lead with Romo holding the kick. The pressure was on, and Romo botched the hold for the kicker and the Cowboys ultimately lost. This was only the beginning of a string of Romo shrinking under pressure.

    In his second playoff game, Romo led a comeback drive against the division rival Giants, only to come up short by throwing an interception. It is these type of plays that sets him apart from the Bradys and other elite quarterbacks.

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has surrounded Romo with players to compete for the Super Bowl every year. He hasn't delivered, and it is beginning to be disappointing.

Too Much Choking

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    The picture says it all. Too many times we have seen Romo sulk on the bench because the team lost as a result of his mistakes. The same can be said of Peyton in the playoffs.

    Peyton Manning has had an amazing career with one Super Bowl win, and Romo can only dream of coming close. But with Romo collapsing week after week this season and failing to do anything in the playoffs, his qualities tend to be very similar to Peyton's.

    There have been many players who have choked in crucial games. Jim Kelly could never win the city of Buffalo a Super Bowl with four attempts. Dan Marino was one of the most talented quarterbacks to play the game, but only made it one Super Bowl and lost. 

    So many of you are wondering why I am considering Peyton Manning as a choke artist, and it is simple. He simply shrinks when his teams get into the playoffs. Early on in his career, Peyton was the quintessential choke artist. The poise and demeanor changes, and I have never seen that happen to such a great player. The exact same thing happens to Romo. You can literally see the pressure get to these guys and they want no part of it. 

    Tony Romo is next in line to take the torch from Peyton to be the next player who cannot handle the pressure. Romo will have his ups and downs throughout his career.