Texas Rangers Win Game 2 Inspite of St. Louis Cardinals Help from Fox Announcers

Janet KesslerCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2011

Fox announcer was spotting Napoli's signs during game.
Fox announcer was spotting Napoli's signs during game.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The 2011 Major League Baseball World Series is living up to all the media hype, by being a battle royale between two very evenly matched teams. Both managers constantly try to get the best matchup from their roster, as both sides work to find an edge over the other.

Did the St. Louis Cardinals use the Fox television announcers in Game 2 to get an edge over the Texas Rangers? You be the judge.

During the game, from my front-row seat in my personal box at home, I became aware of this around the third or fourth inning. I heard the announcer say, "that's going to be a slider," and it was. Then I heard "he's going to pitch to first," and he did. And again I heard, "that's going to be another slider," and that was too.

What I'm squawking about is the Fox announcer calling the Rangers catcher Mike Napoli's pitch signs. Napoli would be in the crouched position flashing his signs to pitcher Colby Lewis, as the Fox cameraman zoomed in on his hands.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It's the norm to have the commentator of the game identify the pitches after the throw. This guy was saying the pitch before it left the pitcher's hand.

Now mind you, I wouldn't have made a big deal if it was being done to the Cardinals too. Since it wasn't, it could have had a volatile game-changing potential. I wonder who on the Cardinals had an audio earpiece to make use of that information. Where the Cardinals being tipped on pick-off moves by the Rangers?

I'm not saying Fox intentionally cheated, but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...you know the rest.

It would have been more subtle if Cardinal manager Tommy La Russa had a guy in the center-field bleachers with a walkie-talkie and a pair of binoculars. It was that blatant.

So what can a fan do when they are witnessing injustice being perpetrated against their beloved team? I was at a loss, and had to do something. The announcer had to be stopped.

I tweet, therefore I am. In the age of social media it's a devoted fan's highway to the stars. I had to quickly think of who I could contact, as time was of the essence. I didnt have many to choose from the Rangers, as only a few have Twitter accounts. They needed to be someone who had a voice with Rangers management.

I chose former Ranger Jim Sunberg, @backstop10, who was live-tweeting during the game. I sent Sunberg a message about what I observed on TV and asked if the Cardinals could get that information. His  reply was one word: "could."

Shortly after that the cameras stayed back away from home plate, and the announcer stopped spotting Napoli's signals.

Should I retitle this piece "How I saved the World Series?" Nah...maybe not. It was fun to watched an exciting win for the Texas Rangers, and I'm proud to have done my part.