Cubs Trade Rumors: 5 Vets Chicago Should Trade Now

Brandon LantzCorrespondent IIOctober 21, 2011

Cubs Trade Rumors: 5 Vets Chicago Should Trade Now

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    The dynamic duo of Epstein and Hoyer are on their way to Chicago. As they remake the team in their image, let's look at a number of Chicago Cubs currently in their prime who could have the most trade value this offseason. 

    It will be sad to see some of them go, but when the Cubs finally get good again, sadly they will no longer be. 

5. Carlos Zambrano

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    Guillan wants him in Miami.

    Good luck with that.

    The Cubs will have to pick up a lot of the $18 million due to him in 2012, but they should get a prospect or two in return. 

    This is a trade that the Cubs will make happen at any cost.  They’ve had enough of Zambrano’s antics.

4. Marlon Byrd

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    Byrd is going into the final year of his $6.5 million deal. Someone will want to pick up a center fielder with career numbers that include a .281 AVG, .339 OBP and .420 SLG—one who plays great defense in center field. 

    Look for a team to add this club-house asset shortly before the trade deadline.

3. Jeff Baker

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    Darwin Barney, Blake Dewitt, Jeff Baker and DJ LaMahieu—too many second basemen. 

    Barney has the everyday job locked up and LaMahieu might be moved to third depending on how the Ramirez situation works out. Dewitt’s left-handed bat and smaller salary will keep him around as a backup. 

    It's time to get some prospects for Baker.

2. Geovany Soto

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    During his Rookie of the Year campaign, Soto looked like he was on his way to becoming one of the league’s elite catchers. Three years later, not so much. 

    He is a serviceable, everyday catcher due to make a little more than the $3 million he made in 2011. He could be attractive to a team like the Red Sox in the offseason, if the Epstein deal doesn’t poison the well.

1. Carlos Marmol

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    Marmol is great right now. However, the Cubs are not. 

    While Epstein is rebuilding this team, they should get maximum trade value for one of the team’s best players. He's owed $7 million in 2012, so look for a playoff-bound team with closer issues to pick him up near the deadline.

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