Miami Dolphins Fans Produce Videos to Voice Opinion over Team's Failures

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaContributor IIOctober 20, 2011

Miami Dolphins Fans Produce Videos to Voice Opinion over Team's Failures

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    Sometimes in the worst of circumstances comes the best of humor. 

    Take a look at a list of great stand-up comedians, you will see that behind some of the funniest people the world has been blessed to see comes pain. 

    Of course this pain is a lot more significant than "my football team sucks", but for fans of bad NFL teams, humor is usually the best way to go about a terrible football season. 

    This brings us to the 2011 Miami Dolphins, a team that is ready to take the 2007 version of the squad and make them look like a Don Shula-coached example of discipline and execution. 

    What do Dolphins fans have to look forward to? The chance that maybe the Dolphins will be terrible enough to land Andrew Luck? Even that is delayed gratification that will only come after another 11 games of watching a terrible team play terrible football in the most terrible way possible. 

    So much like the chubby kid at school who gets bullied and decides to joke about it on his own in order to remove the sting from the other kids making fun of him (such as what yours truly did throughout middle school and high school), Dolphins fans have taken to making fun of their team first, before the Jay Leno's, David Letterman's and Jimmy Kimmel's start to do so. 

    Here's a look at some of the best examples from the interwebs of how Dolphins fans have voiced their frustration at their team while at the same time poking fun of their beloved squad. 

Hitler Reacts to the Miami Dolphins Poor Record

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    It feels like you can't get a reaction to any big news event without hearing Adolf Hitler's opinion on it. 

    Almost as old as YouTube itself are Hitler Downfall parodies, which takes the audio and video from the 2004 Austrian/German/Italian film Der Untergang known as (Downfall in English). 

    Downfall was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2005, but you never hear about it because of its Academy Award nomination. 

    Its most famous for the parodies on different subjects. 

    Well thus far, there have been two made about the Miami Dolphins thus far this season by two different posters. The one I chose comes courtesy of YouTube username jajajavi75

Down with 0-16 (Yeah You Know Me)

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    I'm sure even if you're not from South Florida, you're quite familiar with Dan LeBatard. 

    And odds are if you're not from South Florida, you despise him (hell even if you are from South Florida you likely despise him). 

    Well I'm not one of those people who despise the man called "The Hatable One" by the staff at PTI. I actually consider myself a fan of his and consider him to be an inspiration. You see, Dan LeBatard is just like me, a fat Cuban kid who grew up in Miami and loves Nachos (only difference is I don't sweat profusely like he claims to). 

    Now this isn't made by Dan (his best videos are when good things happen to South Florida sports, like his Heat rants from last NBA season), but is a product of his South Florida Radio Show. 

    LeBatard (along with co-hosts Marc Hochman and Stugotz) will have listeners call in with parody songs for the Dolphins. This was a tradition started in 2007 during the 1-15 season, and has picked up considerably in 2011 as if it never ended. 

    The only song parody that's made it to YouTube comes courtesy of Comedian Will Lopez, who took a classic Naughty By Nature song released when Andrew Luck was a year old and used it as his endorsement for Miami to "Suck For Luck."

    The beat is of course a classic, and the flow is tighter than the (metaphorical) noose hanging around Sparano and Ireland's necks.  

The Notorious B.I.G. Raps About the Dolphins' Quest for 0-16

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    We go again to LeBatard's Radio show to bring you another parody song. 

    This one was posted by DrRuckusTV (who also has a twitter, @doctorruckus). Here he takes the Beat from Biggie's classic 1997 hit "Hypnotize" and expresses his frustration over the state of the Miami Dolphins. 

Miami Dolphins 2011: EPIC FAIL!

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    Sometimes you can express yourself in the simplest way possible. 

    That's what YouTube user and die-hard life-long Dolphins fan WREYtube did in this simple video. 

    Take a picture of the team logo, draw an X over it, then add the so-called "Fail Horn" from The Price Is Right and you have a simple video that encapsulates in seven seconds what I often try to put into 1000+ words here on Bleacher Report. 

    I might as well not write about this team anymore, from now on I could possibly just post the patented Bleacher Report slide-shows with ten slides that all include this same video. 

    Something tells me I might just get more reads that way while saying the same thing I've already been saying since after Week 4. 

We Need Our Thumb to Go This Direction

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    Of course not everyone feels so negative about the Dolphins. 

    Take fan Cam Cameron, who decided to speak in front of a crowd of Dolphins fans and implored one of them of what direction their thumb should go. 

    See Cameron is the rare Dolphins fan who wants us to feel positive about our team. He believes-

    Wait, this guy isn't a Dolphins fan? Oh, he's the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens

    Hold on a second...

    YIKES! He was actually our Head Coach in 2007, this was after they drafted Ted Ginn and his family. 

    My apologies for including this video folks, I tend to block out the events relating to the Dolphins from January of 2007 until Week 3 of the 2008 NFL season. Lots of bad repressed memories there, cost me a ton in therapy to get out of my mind. 

    That's why I'm writing about this year's team. The worst thing you could do when it comes to Mental Health is to suppress your feelings and repress your memories. So I write about it so that I don't explode on some poor schmuck Jets fan and strangle him with his Mark Sanchez jersey later on. 

Miami Dolphins: Think Different, Suck 4 Luck

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    Obviously the prevalent theme with Miami Dolphins' fans this year is to "Suck For Luck." 

    Miami Dolphins' website decided to take this campaign and in a roundabout way honor the late Steve Jobs by taking Apple's famous "Think Different" ad from 1997 and apply it to the Miami Dolphins. 

    This time they mashed up a video with clips and pictures of the current mess known as the Dolphins with a clip of Ricky Williams from the ESPN 30 for 30 movie "Run Ricky Run", some college clips of Andrew Luck, and to show the comparison between past and what hopes to be the future, clips taken from the 1983 NFL draft when Miami drafted Dan Marino in the first round. 

    Pure genius guys at Finsnation, pure genius. Awesomely amazing! Now if only the Dolphins shared your philosophy. 

Miami Dolphins Suck!

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    Internet comedian Josh Foxx is apparently a Miami Dolphins fan. 

    How else could you come up with such distasteful yet funny puns on this team? 

    Foxx goes to a Publix Supermarket prior to the Phins Week 4 match-up against San Diego first with a paper bag that proclaims that he's a Miami Dolphins fan and has a crudely drawn frown-face around his head, then goes around asking employees and shoppers alike how they feel about the Miami Dolphins' chances that week. 

    Then after that, he shows the results of the game, followed by some jokes that are funny, some that are a bit distasteful, and some that are both. 

    All in all, a funny video that has to come from the suffering of watching the Dolphins week in and week out. 

    Of course if he's not a Miami Dolphins fan, than Josh Foxx, $#%& you! Only Dolphins fans can joke about our team!

Miami Dolphins-Suck for Luck

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    This is more of what you would call a "mash-up" video than anything comedic. 

    However it still gets the point across. 

    YouTube user giancarlo08 starts off with the Hitler Downfall parody shown earlier in the slide-show, then transitions to alternating clips of Miami's QB woes in the last year and Andrew Luck's excellence at Stanford. 

    Add the hit song Written In The Stars by Tinie Tempah (featuring Eric Turner) and you have a video that shows the emotions of Dolphins fans everywhere right now: the hopelessness of the 2011 season, but with an eye towards the "Luck"-y light at the tunnel in 2012. 

Mick Jagger Says "Suck 4 Luck"

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    Once again we go to the well known as the Dan LeBatard Show song parodies. 

    This time we have the stylistic melodies of the Rolling Stones to remind us why Miami has to "Suck 4 Luck." 

    Now this one I can't attribute to the YouTuber who posted this video (his YouTube name is UltimaKilo305 by the way) since he even says in the description of the video that he didn't do the song, but if anyone knows who did, please let me know. I'd love to give him credit for this gem. 

How the Hiring Process for Coaching Staff Might Look Like

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    The Miami Dolphins are in a bit of a funk as I'm sure you can tell by their record as well as the level of anger expressed by their fans in the videos they've produced that you've just seen in this slide-show. 

    Its likely that many Dolphins fans feel they can do the same job as the Dolphins "Brain Trust" themselves at this point, but for much less money.  

    If you are one of those Dolphins fan, than the team has quite the opportunity available to you.

    Usually when an NFL team struggles in such a way, it leads to a change from top to bottom in an organization, which is something that Dolphins fans not only want from the team at the end of this season, but also expect. 

    I just didn't know the Dolphins' newest search would get this desperate. 

    Miami has taken to asking NFL Head Hunter Pete McGillicutty to post this classified ad on YouTube to look for the successors not only to Sparano and Ireland but also for players, namely the offensive line. 

    Talent is optional, but the prerequisites for the job are you must have at least one year of experience playing for the Dallas Cowboys

    This parody video was produced by Brandamos, a marketing and web development agency based out of Ft. Lauderdale. 

    Well produced, funny, and on the mark. This is the best and funniest fan-made Dolphins parody video made, although I'm sure many of you would disagree.  

Now to Conclude This Slideshow: A Look at Miami's More Glorious Past

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    After watching the collective frustrations of many other Dolphins fans on the Internet, now let's end this slide-show with a collection of all 48 of Dan Marino's touchdown passes (with play-by-play from the voice of the Miami Dolphins from 1971-1993, the Late, Great Rick Weaver). 

    Along with that video, I'd like to direct you to LeBatard's Radio Show website, which has posted all of the Dolphins' parody songs they've played on the show, including the ones you've seen on this slide-show. 

    Feel free to leave a comment telling us about your favorite Dolphins fan parody video, and if you like them, be sure to subscribe to the users who posted the videos, as well as share this slide-show on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all other social media sites. 

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