NFL Trade Recap: 5 Wide Receivers the Chicago Bears Should Have Targeted

Max Mickey@ToTheMax_WellContributor IIIOctober 20, 2011

NFL Trade Recap: 5 Wide Receivers the Chicago Bears Should Have Targeted

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    The Chicago Bears desperately need help at wide receiver. They essentially have all No. 2 or slot receivers. Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett would be very good No. 2 receivers, and Devin Hester and Dane Sanzenbacher are classic slot receivers. 

    Honestly, I think the Bears wide receiving core is not that bad, they just need a true No. 1. In the offseason, they foolishly acquired Roy E. Williams from the Dallas Cowboys per Mike Martz's request, and he just doesn't have it; no explosion, no big plays and no consistency. 

    The Bears should have made a move to acquire a legitimate No. 1 receiver, as there were a few on the trading block, and others that could have been obtained. 

    If Jay Cutler had a real weapon to throw to, he could do scary things on the field. 

Brandon Lloyd

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    Lloyd was there for the taking. The Broncos put him on the trading block, and Chicago general manager Jerry Angelo did not give them a call. 

    The Broncos moved Lloyd to the Rams for a fifth-round pick. Football trades are always crazy, if any team got Lloyd's talent in the fifth round, they would be ecstatic. Why Angelo did not make an offer is beyond unreasonable.  

    Most Bears fans forget Brandon Lloyd already had an unimpressive stint in Chicago, which might be why the Bears were not interested.

    In 2008, Lloyd appeared in 11 games and caught 26 passes for 364 yards and two touchdowns. 

    Although Lloyd didn't shine his last time in Chicago, he is coming off a season where he led the league in yards with 1,448 and pulled in 77 catches.

    Lloyd has not been as impressive this year, but he is still on pace to catch over 75 balls and finish just a shade under 1000 yards, and that is with quarterback controversy and a banged up offense.

    Lloyd would have easily been the best receiver on the Bears and could have helped out Jay Cutler.    

Reggie Wayne

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    The Colts put Reggie Wayne out there. For whatever insane reason, they wanted to move him prior to the trade deadline, although they ultimately did not. 

    Wayne is getting up there in age at 32, but the last time he had less than 1,000 yards receiving, I was 13 years old. 

    Wayne has seven straight seasons of 1,000 yards or more, and in five of those seven seasons, he had over 1,200 yards.

    In short, Wayne is an animal. 

    Even without Peyton Manning, Wayne is still on pace for his typical 1,000-yard season. 

    Wayne could have been the Bears superstar receiver for at least four years. 

Brandon Marshall

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    I believe the Bears could have made a legitimate play for Brandon Marshall. He is not happy in Miami because there is no one to throw to him. The Dolphins are going nowhere fast this season and are still in rebuilding mode. 

    The Bears could have given up a second or third round pick in order to acquire Marshall, which would have been a great value. 

    If the Bears got Marshall, Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall could have easily been a top five quarterback/wide receiver combo. 

    Both Cutler's and Marshall's best seasons were when they played together for two years in Denver. 

    In those two years, Marshall caught 206 passes for 2,590 yards and 13 touchdowns. During that same time, Cutler threw for 8,023 yards and 45 touchdowns. 

    This is a deal the Bears should pursue in the offseason. 

Malcom Floyd

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    Malcom Floyd is the No. 2 wideout in San Diego, except he is good enough to be a No. 1 on most teams, including the Bears. 

    Floyd isn't putting up great bulk numbers this season, but he is averaging an incredible 21.5 yards per reception. Part of the reason why Floyd is having issues getting the ball is on shoulders of  the Chargers offensive line. 

    They are not getting Rivers enough time and he can't effectively get the ball to his receivers. 

    Regardless, Floyd is an incredible wide receiver. He has size, speed and great hands, and could greatly improve the Bears receiving corps. 

Chad Ochocinco

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    Ochocinco is not fitting into the New England system. He only has nine receptions so far this season, and has only amassed 136 receiving yards. 

    Ochocinco is not learning the plays, and is not getting very many reps on the field, and a change might be best for him.

    Tom Brady is playing lights-out this year; he is throwing to everyone and their mother, except Ochocinco. 

    Since the Patriots are incredible drafters, they would be willing to deal a high-priced receiver who is not producing for some picks.

    Chicago would be a great place for Ochocinco. He always wants to be in the spotlight, so what better city to play in than a huge market for a legendary franchise?