Miami Marlins: New Logo for Florida Marlins Will Have Fans Gasping

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IOctober 18, 2011

If the Florida Marlins were going for shock value with their latest logo, they have succeeded.

On Tuesday, the new Miami Marlins logo set for 2012 was leaked across the nation, and by the end of it, the wave had come crashing down upon Marlins fans' heads.

The Marlins have substituted the teal green colors for something you expect to see in a minor league game, complete with blue, white, yellow and red jumping out of a black background.

I'm still confused as to what the Marlins organization was thinking, and, honestly, I have yet to discover what it was going for.

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a marlin jumping out of an "M", but it looks more like a banner flapping in the wind to me.

We've seen uniform changes go wrong in the past. The University of Maryland football program notoriously flashed some new unis to start off the season against Miami (FL) on Sept. 5, which resembled something that a child with too many cans of paint would create.

The Marlins' new logo isn't that bad, but it does give traditionalists an argument of what not to do when changing a team's look.

Let's just put it this way: The 72-90 Marlins looked better this season than their new logo.

It's going to be interesting what minor leaguers will think when they get called up this season.

"I thought I was getting promoted," they will say.

"You are promoted," the Marlins organization will say. "Now go out there and try to stand out. It shouldn't be that difficult."

You wonder if the new logo will have opponents complaining. We all know about the jitters bright colors on pitchers give hitters. Remember San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson's orange cleats in 2010? Now imagine that, but up near where the ball is being released.

My prediction? The Miami Marlins will have to play well in 2012 if they want to prevent a revolt.

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