2011 NFL: The Worst Teams After Week 6

Derek CrouseContributor IIIOctober 18, 2011

Manning can only lead so much from the sideline.
Manning can only lead so much from the sideline.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We are almost halfway through the 2011 NFL season. Some teams should be looking towards the 2012 NFL Draft sooner or later if improvement doesn’t occur quickly. 

While the NFL pronounces itself as the league with the biggest parity driven season, there are always a few teams fans know have no chance by late October.

The Indianapolis Colts are a sad story.

Peyton Manning was the face of the franchise, but that was about one percent of his importance to the team. Over the years, he has become the offensive coordinator, the receivers coach, and the player that teams have to work their whole defensive playbook for.

Since Week 1, we have seen a nucleus that desperately needs a spark offensively. Usually the Colts are at the top of the league when it comes to production. This year, they rank 28th, racking up 17.3 points per game and are 31st in the league in total yards.Losing Manning has also resulted in the Colts converting only 35 percent on third down.

While having two great defensive ends is a plus, it seems that the Colts cannot stop the rush at all, letting teams average around four yards per run.

They face the Saints, Titans, and Falcons next.

The Miami Dolphins have a blueprint for why not having a consistent quarterback will cost you so much in the new era of the NFL.

You can have a Top 10 receiver like Brandon Marshall, but not having a quarterback who is accurate enough to throw an accurate jump-ball makes his value suffer. Marshall has only recorded one touchdown on 28 receptions. Without having many options, he is covered and planned for every week.

The results of acquiring Reggie Bush have not been as advertised. He only has 283 total yards and the longest run out of the “explosive” back was for 16 yards. The Dolphins are definitely in the hunt for a quarterback in the draft if the season keeps continuing to snowball. Having teams like the Patriots, Jets, and an improving Bills team in your division gives a franchise no time to actually rebuild.

The St. Louis Rams were expected to be one of the front-runners in the NFC West.

The 49ers are turning a new leaf under new coach Jim Harbaugh, and the Seahawks and Cardinals are becoming bottom feeders this season.

The Rams have had injuries to some of their key players. Stephen Jackson and Danny Amendola have lost playing time, but the Rams recently picked up the explosive Brandon Lloyd from the Broncos.

Now that teams have some game tape on Sam Bradford, he has been in a bit of a sophomore slump. Their offense is as potent as a wine cooler. They are averaging a league low 9.8 points per game. Obviously they won’t be keeping up with any team in an offensive shootout.

While these teams can look back to injuries, overvaluing talent, personnel decisions, and just flat out luck for their collective records, changes will have to be made or look for the trends to continue until Week 17.

Other teams that deserve an honorable mention are the Jacksonville Jaguars (who might be moving to L.A.), the Minnesota Vikings (who are going with a rookie QB and benching McNabb), and the Denver Broncos (who might get a spark from the cult favorite Tim Tebow).