Jason Campbell Injury: Top 5 Replacements for Oakland Raiders QB

Michael WillhoftContributor IIIOctober 18, 2011

Jason Campbell Injury: Top 5 Replacements for Oakland Raiders QB

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    Jason Campbell's broken collarbone heard 'round the world has left Raider Nation disheartened after their team's very respectable start to the 2011 NFL season.

    Campbell had led the Oakland Raiders to a 4-2 start, with the highlight being an emotional win over the Houston Texans shortly after the death of late team owner Al Davis.

    Unfortunately for the team, they will likely be without their starting quarterback for the remainder of the year after he suffered a broken collarbone during the second quarter of last Sunday's 24-17 win over the Cleveland Browns.

    Although they're not panicking (publicly), Raiders ownership has to quietly be concerned that the team's good start may end up being the lone bright spot of the season.

    In order to prevent a prolonged slide to the bottom of the AFC West standings, the Raiders need to find a replacement for Campbell as soon as possible.

    Here are their best options.

Kyle Orton

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    The recently demoted quarterback of the Denver Broncos has been the subject of trade rumors before, most notably involving the Miami Dolphins in training camp and earlier in the season.

    Now that the reins to the Broncos have been handed over to Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton is certainly a viable option for the Oakland Raiders to pursue now that Jason Campbell is out for the year.

    Orton's numbers this season weren't anything remarkable (979 yards, 58.7 percent completion, eight touchdowns, seven interceptions), but he's a veteran quarterback who knows how to manage the game.

    And with the running game the Raiders have established so far, that's all the quarterback they bring in will have to do: manage the game.

    Throw in the fact that Orton likely wants out of Denver after losing the starting job, and a trade within the division might be a possibility.

Carson Palmer

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    I know, I know—Carson Palmer isn't playing this season, but that's not his fault. Would you want to play for Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown?

    The odds of Brown ever caving to Palmer's demands for a trade are slim, but the Oakland Raiders might have the motivation to make a Godfather-type offer to the Bengals for Palmer's services.

    A high-round draft pick (possibly coupled with a low-round pick) might be too much for Brown to refuse should the Raiders actually extend the offer. After all, Palmer won't ever step on the field for Cincinnati again.

    The only downside for Brown in agreeing to a trade for Palmer would be that it would be admitting defeat—his quarterback would end up getting the best of him.

    Palmer would be an upgrade from Campbell skills-wise, although learning the Raider offense on short notice might prevent him from regaining his Pro Bowl form.

    This would hardly be a concern to the Raiders though, who will need to make a move shortly if they're intent on saving the season.

Josh McCown

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    If you're an Oakland Raiders fan, you might be having flashbacks looking at Josh McCown's picture. Or you might not remember anything about his tenure with the Raiders, since it was so forgettable.

    With the Raiders, McCown played in nine games during the 2007 season in which he compiled the following stat-line: 58.4% CMP/1,151 YDS/10 TD/11 INT. Although he wasn't a franchise quarterback by any means, McCown has a familiarity with the organization—which shouldn't go for nothing.

    McCown also has the experience of being an NFL quarterback, which would serve him well even though he hasn't played in the league since 2009 (spending 2011 in the UFL and most recently cut by the 49ers in September).

    As the list of options grows shorter, the Raiders will need to make the determination as to whether it's worth the risk of signing McCown for the short term without jeopardizing their shot at a playoff berth.

Trent Edwards

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    Trent Edwards has been on the minds of Oakland Raiders front office members since the summer. After all, he was on the roster during training camp.

    The Raiders thought enough of Edwards to have him try out with the team, hoping that he'd show them something. Now that they're scrambling to find a replacement quarterback for Jason Campbell, it might be time to bring Edwards back in.

    He's familiar with the play calls and the coaching staff, having experienced Raiders football during training camp. And if he doesn't show enough skill to steal the starting job from Kyle Boller, there are worse choices to have as your backup quarterback (especially in times of crisis, this being one of those times).

    Like the old saying goes, beggars can't be choosers.

Brett Favre

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    Admit it, this NFL season has felt a little odd without the Brett Favre saga hanging over the games. I'm here to bring it back (albeit in a slightly less "all access, in your face, 24/7" kind of way).

    Favre holds nearly every quarterbacking record possible in the NFL. He'll be in the hall of fame for sure. And he's filmed enough Wrangler jeans commercials to make himself eligible for an Emmy.

    Once you get past the initial dread at having to watch half-hour SportsCenter segments on Favre (should he again return to the league), he might make for a good option at quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

    What do they have to lose? You've seen the other names on this list.

    Assuming his will to play outweighs his greed, the Raiders might be able to coax the old gunslinger out of retirement for one last go around without having to break the bank. Handing him the keys to this offense might be just what the doctor ordered for the league's 26th-ranked passing attack.

    With speedsters on the outside like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore, there'd be no way Favre could overthrow his receivers. And let's not forget the fact that Favre's stubble would match the silver and black pretty well.

    Think about it, it's not as crazy as it sounds...