Philadelphia Eagles: Who Will Deliver the Bone-Headed Play This Week ?

Professor BushCorrespondent IIIOctober 15, 2011

Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles
Andy Reid of the Philadelphia EaglesRob Carr/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles' players did not take kindly to the sign fans had posted outside of their practice field.  But they did encourage fans to express their views in other ways.  So I will take them up on their offer with a question: Who will deliver the bone-headed play this week?

Three of the team's four losses can be traced back to things that can be politely labeled as mental mistakes, or more frankly bone-headed plays.

The loss to the New York Giants can be traced to Andy Reid's insistence on running three times in a row up the middle in short yardage situations near the goal line. No play action, no roll-out for Mike Vick, instead they ran three straight-ahead plays against a defensive line bigger and stronger than the Eagles offensive line.

The loss to the San Francisco 49ers can be laid on Ronnie Brown's awkward and ill-advised attempt to try to throw a pass near the goal line when he was half-way to the ground. This resulted in a turnover which spoiled the chance for a short field goal, and the Eagles lost by one point.

Wait, maybe this is not correct. Maybe we should mention Jeremy Maclin's failure to protect the ball and get to the ground in what should have been the game-winning drive.

The loss to the Buffalo Bills can be attributed in part to Juqua Parker's falling for a hard count and jumping off side when the entire stadium and TV audience knew that the Bills were not going to go for it on fourth down.  

This let the Bills run out the clock and prevented the Eagles from having one last shot at pulling out the game. But wait, what about Jason Avant getting stripped of the ball for the second time at a key point in the game?


So the big question for the Eagles game this week against the Washington Redskins is: Who will step up with the bone-headed play?

  • Maybe DeSean Jackson will try to field a punt inside the 10-yard line, get hit and lose a fumble late in the game.
  • Maybe the punter will decide to throw a pass that goes for a pick-six interception.
  • Maybe the team will try to run three straight unsuccessful quarterback sneaks from the Redskins' 1-yard line.

Stay tuned. Every week has been something different.