NFL: Ranking All 32 Team Jerseys

Brandon Reiter@@thereitanswerCorrespondent IIOctober 13, 2011

NFL: Ranking All 32 Team Jerseys

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    Some teams play well, some teams play poorly.

    Some teams look good, some teams look bad.

    People may say that jerseys don't mean much, but thats either because their team has an ugly jersey or because they are blind.

    Apparel is a whole business in and of itself. Team colors and uniforms are how people associate things with a team. A good foundation for a team is looking good while winning.

    Over the years there have been numerous attempts to come up with the next best look. Some have failed while others have succeeded. Some uniforms have a sense of swagger, some have tradition, some are flashy and the rest are plain ugly.

    This article will analyze who is on top in the NFL's fashion department and who's on the bottom.

32. Cleveland Browns

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    Category: False Advertising

    They're called the Cleveland Browns, not the Cleveland Orange, yet their logo is an orange helmet.

    With a name like the Browns, there is very little to work with, but creating a logo and an away uniform that could not even imply their name is just wrong.

    Keeping in mind the home uniform is indeed brown, it is too simple and unappealing.

31. Kansas City Chiefs

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    Category: Ugly

    The Chiefs' uniforms look like they are sponsored by McDonald's.

    There are many colors that can go with red to make it stand out and have a sense of power, but not yellow. The red and yellow combination just makes it look like a happy meal on a football field.

30. Tennessee Titans

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    Category: Ugly

    This uniform is somewhat simple, but it is just a horrendous attempt at combining two different shades of blue to form a good-looking jersey. There is not even a long background of the present-day Titans uniform; it is just another modern failure.

29. New York Giants

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    Category: False Advertising

    With a nickname like Big Blue, this is what you would expect to find in a home jersey. Nothing too fancy.

    But their away jersey is white with red lettering. Unattractive to say the least and, like the Browns, false advertising. If your going to have a color in your name or nickname, make it promenent, make it bold and be proud of it!

28. Indianapolis Colts

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    Category: Tradition

    The traditional Colts uniform just has nothing going on. It is boring, and to be honest, blue doesn't have a sense of power like black, red, silver or gold. 

27. Washington Redskins

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    Category: Ugly

    Similar to the Chiefs' uniform, the Redskins also look like they were sponsored by McDonalds. But the slightly darker red does make it a little more acceptable than the Chief's uniform... a little.

26. Arizona Cardinals

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    Category: Ugly

    Red is usually a respectable, intimidating color, but there is just too much going on in the Cardinal's uniform. The two colors do not work well with the intricate design.

25. Dallas Cowboys

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    Category: False Advertisement

    If the Cowboys are America's team, how come there are three teams that wear red, white and blue, and they're not one of them?

    Just because people from Texas love America so much does not make them America's team. I mean, the Texans even wear red, white and blue. On top of that, the Cowboys' uniform is simple and nothing exciting.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Category: Simple

    A few years ago the Jags had one of the best-looking uniforms in football, but this recent change has taken them down many notches. The unusual shade of blue is not worked-in well with the simple design.

23. New York Jets

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    Category: Unique

    The Jets' uniform is very modern and unique to say the least. Its just that when I think of jets, I don't think of Green. I think more of gray, black or blue.

22. New England Patriots

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    Category: Decent

    With a name like Patriots you would think they should be called "America's Team," but let's not get into that. The jersey is simple, but it gets the job done.

21. Houston Texans

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    Category: Decent

    When you think about it, their name is just repeating where they are from. We get it, Texas.

    The red, white and blue fits together with the Texan nationalism. The design is simply better than that of the Patriots, mainly because of the darker helmet.

    When in doubt, black out.

20. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Category: Tradition

    Just a little color-shading has been done to the Eagles' uniforms over the years. As I have said before, darker is better, and the Eagles' designers have done a good job of maintaing the tradition while at the same time adding intimidation.

19. Buffalo Bills

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    Category: Tradition

    Let's just say it: "Thank God the Bills got rid of those absurdly disgusting uniforms they wore for about 10 gruesome years!"

    The new throwback-style uniforms the Bills sport now are a much-needed upgrade.

    Now, they rep the red, white and blue the best out of the three teams that try to. And hey, it has led them to a 4-1 start, something more rare than Peyton Manning missing a game.

18. Chicago Bears

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    Category: Tradition

    Da Bears wear a traditional jersey that has the initials "GSH" for George Halas. The orange and blue are complementary colors that look strong.

17. San Francisco 49ers

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    Category: Tradition

    Better than the bright yellow, the gold does a much better job of complementing the red and making it stand out. The 49ers' uniform is traditional and respectable.

16. San Diego Chargers

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    Category: Flash

    Back when Tomlinson was a 99 overall in madden, everybody owned a powder blue chargers jersey, even on the east coast. That alternate is one of the best jerseys in the game. Their home and away ones are not too bad either.

15. Minnesota Vikings

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    Category: Flash

    Some people hate it, others love it. It's a tough call.

    It is a unique design to say the least, and purple is the color of royalty. It demands respect. Complemented with the gold, the design is not too shabby.

14. Atlanta Falcons

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    Category: Decent

    Red is a powerful color and it cannot go wrong when complimented with black. The design is not too simple, but isn't too flashy either, which creates a respectable balance.

13. Denver Broncos

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    Category: Flash

    Orange is the only color that makes blue actually look somewhat intimidating. The flash of the armpit design makes the orange come to life.

12. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Category: Flash, Unique

    The Black is powerful, and the Bengal stripes on the helmet add a unique, intimidating effect. There is a lot going on, but if there was a relevance to theme award, the Bengals win.

11. New Orleans Saints

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    Category: Simple

    Gold + black = power. Enough said.

10. Detroit Lions

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    Category: Unique

    Light blue doesn't have intimidation, but mixed with the silver there is just something that makes it work and look good. 

9. St. Louis Rams

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    Category: Flash, Unique

    The ram horns are unique and intimidating. The dark of the blue and the flash of the gold make a good combination.

8. Miami Dolphins

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    Category: Flash

    The orange and the aqua-green just say, "I'm in Miami!"

7. Green Bay Packers

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    Category: Tradition

    The best traditional jersey out there. The green and yellow is an unusual combination that was worked for many years.

6. Seattle Seahawks

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    Category: Unique

    Whatever a seahawk is, this jersey does a good job of transferring the uniqueness of the name into a uniform.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Category: Swagger

    The power of the red and the flash of the gold make for a flashy, powerful swagger.

4. Carolina Panthers

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    Category: Unique

    Panthers are scary and intimidating creatures. The black and silver helmets are intimidating, and when mixed with the light blue they add a deceiving effect that looks good and scary at the same time, if that's possible.

3.Baltimore Ravens

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    Category: Swagger

    Purple is one of those colors that just demand respect. Dark purple is just ridiculously powerful, with its implications of royalty and boldness.

    The Ravens' jersey glows with swagger, and when Ray Lewis puts it on, I bet some receivers have to change their pants.

2. Oakland Raiders

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    Category: Swagger

    Al Davis chose Black and Silver specifically to intimidate, and for that his legacy will live on forever with the Raiders. The jersey is indeed intimidating, and it pretty much says, "Don't mess."

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    You know what it is: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow...

    Do I have to say this is the perfect color combination? The combo is soaked in swagger, and with it comes winning.