Could Tom Brady Break Dan Marino's Single Season Passing Record?

Tony SantorsaSenior Writer IIOctober 10, 2011

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 02:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots in action against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum on October 2, 2011 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

No one wants their records to be broken. Just ask Dan Marino who spoke with ESPN Boston regarding his single season passing record:

"I don't want anybody to break it [single season passing record]...There's a lot of guys that are going to have a chance to break it, I'm sure."

I hate to be that guy, Dan, but records are meant to be broken, and it's only a matter of time when your single season record of 5,084 total passing yards in a season will be broken—and Tom Brady is well on pace to breaking Marino's record.

As of right now, Brady has thrown for 1,874 total yards, which is the league's best as he's thrown 105 more yards than Drew Brees, who's in second place behind No. 12. 

Brady is averaging an incredible 374.8 yards per game, which projects Brady to end this season at 5,996 yards, just short of 6,000 yards but 912 more yards than Marino's record. 

As Brady is projected to come close to 6,000 passing yards by the season's end, he's not the only quarterback that's on pace to shatter Marino's record as Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo and even Cam Newton are all well on pace to destroying his record of 5,084 passing yards. 

The NFL has definitely involved into not only a pass-first league but a pass-happy league. Players are only getting bigger, stronger and faster which all have been key contributors to the evolved passing attack—not to mention that defensive linemen are bigger than they've ever been, which makes it extremely difficult to run block against them. 

With five quarterbacks on pace to break Marino's second, Brady is the only true, legitimate candidate to eclipse the 6,000 passing yards mark. 


Through five games of Marino's phenomenal 1984 season, No. 13 had 1,527 passing yards as Brady has 347 more yards right now. 

I'm not a gambling man, but I'd definitely put my money on Tom Brady breaking Dan Marino's single passing record this season. 

New England's defense isn't one of the league's best—as it averages 23.8 points per-game—which means that Brady and New England's offense are going to have to score a lot of points. 

Will Brady eclipse 6,000 passing yards? That's certainly going to be a difficult task to accomplish, but it appears that shattering Marino's record is well on its course. 

But wait a minute. The New England Patriots don't care about stats. In fact, Bill Belichick once said that "stats are for losers and final scores are for winners."


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