8 NFL Teams That Could Use Jon Gruden More than ESPN

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIOctober 10, 2011

8 NFL Teams That Could Use Jon Gruden More than ESPN

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    I must admit, as a football fan, the idea of Jon Gruden coming back to the NFL as a head coach is something to get excited about.

    I am also sure I am not alone in thinking the Super Bowl-winning coach for Tampa Bay would be the great elixir for my football team.

    There are three problems with that mode of thinking. First, Gruden is a key component at ESPN. Second, he hasn't expressed his desire to coach in the NFL again anytime soon. And last, there is a college called Ohio State that may have him on their radar for next season.

    Please understand that is not confirmed, but his name has come up in discussions before.

    Focusing back on the NFL, there are teams that could use him NOW! Forget about getting first wins on the season or a team with injuries. There are teams that are desperate for a change, and maybe Gruden's intensity, fire and desire is just what they need to right the ship.

8. St. Louis Rams

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    Last season the Rams were 7-9 and things looked pretty good in Missouri.

    A new quarterback in Sam Bradford, an improving defense and a running game that could still turn heads.

    Oh, what a difference a year makes.

    St. Louis needs help in a big way.

    Gruden's fire and intensity might be the right solution.

7. Minnesota Vikings

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    Minnesota relied on the running of Adrian Peterson to beat the Arizona Cardinals in Week 5.

    Donovan McNabb is not the answer at quarterback, and former first-round pick Christian Ponder is waiting his chance.

    Coach Leslie Frazier is a great guy, but is he the right fit for the Minnesota Vikings?

    Could Gruden make this team great again?

6. Arizona Cardinals

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    Two years ago, they were the Super Bowl runners-up.

    Since then, the Cardinals have been nothing short of disappointing.

    Will there be heat on Ken Whisenhunt?

    Will Gruden be a consideration if there is?

5. Indianapolis Colts

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    The Indianapolis Colts have no wins on the season; they have no Peyton Manning. Will Jim Caldwell still be the head coach after this season?

    There are reasons for the team's play, but you cannot blame everything on the loss of Manning. And if they get the first pick in the 2012 draft, will they take a stab at Stanford QB Andrew Luck?

    Can Gruden make a difference?

4. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Remember how this was supposed to be the "Dream Team?"

    The offense is extremely talented, yet they cannot seem to win a game.

    Does a switch in the coaching ranks happen this season?

    Andy Reid has been a fixture in Philadelphia forever, but has he exhausted his time with Eagles faithful.

3. Dallas Cowboys

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    I am not saying there is an issue with the coaching staff, but I never put anything past Jerry Jones.

    Jon Gruden would be his dream coach if Gruden made himself available.

    Gruden could work in making Tony Romo a Super Bowl quarterback.

    I don't see Jason Garrett as the long-term solution in Big D.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    I am praying for this!

    Gruden is just what this team needs. His enthusiasm and discipline is ideal. And with the fanbase in such disarray, Jaguars fans need to believe things will get better.

    A good defense is being wasted as well as a strong running game.

    Like I said, I am praying for this.

1. Miami Dolphins

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    Tony Sparano is not long for this job.

    The Dolphins need a passing game and some stability.

    Miami made some changes in the offseason, but they did not solve their passing deficiencies and their running game needs more consistency.

    If a change—or rather, when a change is made—Gruden will be at the top of their wish list.