NFL Football 2011: 10 NFL Players Who Could Take Chris Cooley in a Cage Fight

Jake MartinCorrespondent IIIOctober 9, 2011

NFL Football 2011: 10 NFL Players Who Could Take Chris Cooley in a Cage Fight

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    Given the fact that Chris Cooley put his foot in his mouth with his controversial remarks about Tony Romo last week, it's only necessary to find 10 NFL players that could make some shin-to-chin action of their own.

    After Romo's collapse in the second half against the Detroit Lions in Week 4, Cooley told a Washington radio show it was amazing to watch Romo choke like that. Cooley was referring to Romo's three-interception performance, with two of his interceptions being returned for scores.

    Rather than apologizing for his remarks, Cooley said that he shows no remorse for his actions in his blog last Friday.

    I don't fault Cooley for taking a shot at an opponent and adding an entertainment element to the league. In fact, it's smart on a marketability level, but everytime someone opens their mouth, they have to back it up.

    All this controversy surrounding Cooley got me thinking about what players would match up well against Cooley in the octagon that the Ultimate Fighting Championship has made ever so popular.

    Of course, all NFL players are tough guys, but there are a few men in the league that players view more vicious than others.

    Guys like Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher have preyed on the fearful for years in the league and have a certain aura of manliness that intimidates opponents.

    Cooley's a tough guy himself, but what if he went against a player that has had Mixed Martial Arts training? Do you think that would make Cooley think twice about what he says?

    Whether or not you think Cooley might filter himself before getting into a scrap with the NFL's toughest players, these are the guys that I'd love to see Cooley square off with in the cage.

Ray Lewis

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    Widely regarded as one of the best linebackers to ever play the game, Ray Lewis would without a doubt be a great test for Cooley in the cage.

    Lewis nearly has 1,500 tackles in his entire career, and I'd be willing to bet that he has a fierce double leg takedown. For over a decade, Lewis has been regarded as one of the baddest men on the planet, and I believe he still is.

    If these two squared off, I'd be willing to bet Lewis could get a takedown and follow up with some brutal ground-and-pound.

James Harrison

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    I'm going to steal a line used by UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen and say that James Harrison is 242 pounds of muscle, steel and sex appeal. OK, I don't know about all that sex appeal part, but Harrison has the body of a "Greek god."

    As if his physical attributes weren't staggering enough, the fact that he's never afraid to say what he thinks about NFL owner Roger Goodell makes him an authentic rebel.

    Just imagine how happy Harrison would be to be locked in a cage with someone and be able to inflict as much damage he wanted without having to pay fines.

Brian Cushing

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    When searching for a fellow player to get in the ring with, why not square off against a guy who's trained with UFC legend Randy Couture?

    Along with many NFL players, Cushing trains MMA in the offseason with NFL reporter Jay Glazer. MMA not only helps the fighters get in shape with the grueling workouts, but Glazer teaches the fighters MMA techniques that can be used on the field.

    With the experience in training and ability to 'roid rage at any given minute, who would want to fight Cushing?

Clay Matthews

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    You know, I used to think guys with long blonde hair were playing on both sides, if you know what I mean, but Clay Matthews has definitely changed my mind.

    With his hair waving out of the bottom of his helmet, this incredible athlete tracks down ball carriers and plants them into the ground.

    Like Cushing, Matthews also trains with Glazer, and quite frankly, I'd love to see his technique with all that athleticism he possesses. It would be "amazing" to watch Matthew give Cooley a rare naked choke.

Marcedes Lewis

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    Anyone who knows me knows that I have two passions in this world, and that is MMA and football, so when HBO's Real Sports featured a segment on Jay Glazer talking MMA and football, my dad left me a present on the DVR.

    As I watched it, Glazer talked about Marcedes Lewis loving a kick combination because it helped him cut out of his routes, and then I imagined Lewis throwing the combination. The thought of Lewis throwing a front kick followed by a Muay Thai kick to my sternum made me cringe.

    I kind of felt like those Miller Lite guys should have taken one of my man cards, but that's neither here nor there. What's important about this insignificant story is that I would love to see a 6'6", 275-pound athletic tight end deliver a combination like that from afar. Talk about suffering broken ribs.

Patrick Willis

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    I remember watching the LSU-Ole Miss game in 2005 and witnessed the hit featured in the video to the left and thought "this guy is a freak."

    Willis is an animal who has made his mark quickly in the NFL. Whether you think Ray Lewis is still the best linebacker in the league or think that Matthews is the best, you have at the least consider Willis.

    Willis hits like a truck on the field, so you can only imagine what he hits like in the cage.

Jared Allen

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    Jared Allen is known for being a comedian around the locker room and during interviews, but don't get it twisted. Allen has a violent streak to him.

    Allen competes at a very high level every time he steps onto the field, and this 66", 270-pound body frame allows him to dominate opponents.

    Allen's grandfather and brother both fought as Marines, and I'd be surprised if they didn't teach Allen a thing or two when it comes to hand combat.

Troy Polamalu

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    Fear the hair. Quarterbacks sure do.

    Whether he's making the tackle or picking the ball off, Troy Polamalu is all over the football field after every single snap.

    When picturing Polamalu in the cage, an image of UFC fighter Clay Guida comes to mind. Those who are unfamiliar with Guida, he's a fighter that has long, frizzy hair, fights with pure aggression and is moving nonstop the entire time. Remind you of anyone?

Brian Urlacher

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    Like Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher is a legend when it comes to playing linebacker in the NFL, but Urlacher almost bit off more than he could chew when he bumped heads with an MMA fighter at a charity event.

    Urlacher quickly realized the man he confronted was Bas Rutten, and nothing happened, but man, I would have loved to see some footage of that.

    Cooley is nowhere near the caliber of fighter that Rutten is, so I think Urlacher's chances in this fight would be a lot better.

LaRon Landry

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    I've been following LaRon Landry's career all the way back to his freshman year at LSU, and I've come to the conclusion that this man doesn't have a soul.

    It's as if he feeds off the agony of his opponents. If wide receivers want to keep their heads, they always make sure where Landry is on the field and try to avoid leaving themselves vulnerable when Landry goes head-hunting.

    If Landry would be in a cage with someone, I'd look for him to knock out his opponent via footstomps and soccer kicks like UFC fighters Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Wanderlei Silva did back in their glory days in Pride Fighting Championships.