Joseph Addai Injury: How Is Curtis Painter's Fantasy Value Affected?

Jon DoveContributor IOctober 9, 2011

TAMPA, FL - OCTOBER 03:  Running back Joseph Addai #29 of the Indianapolis Colts runs the ball against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on October 3, 2011 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

According to rotoworld, Joseph Addai is out for the rest of the game with a hamstring injury.  Addai's injury is going to have a domino effect. Fantasy owners across the country are already looking to unload Colts players, but now could be feeling a little more pressure.

Addai's entire career has been hampered by injuries. He has missed a lot of time due to nagging injuries, with the trend continuing today. Addai's injury issues are no secret, which lead to the adding of Donald Brown and Delone Carter.

Without Addai, Carter will receive the bulk of the carries. Carter is a rookie out of Syracuse, but has done good job this season. He has shown enough to overtake Donald Brown as the no. 2 running back. Brown is a former 1st round selection that is in danger of being labeled a bust.

In the past, the Colts have been able to deal with Addai's injuries because of the presence of Peyton Manning. However, the running game has been more of a focal point, with Manning out of the lineup. Addia was averaging 4.6 yards per carry, helping to take some pressure off of the passing game.

Curtis Painter will now be asked to assume more of the offensive responsibility. The running game will be less effective, without Addai. Expect to see increased pressure on Colts passing game.

Addai is a good pass catching running back, often picking up yardage as a checkdown option.  Without Addai, Painter will need to locate different checkdown options. Addai's replacement Delone Carter is not a very good receiving threat.

Carter will also be asked to do more in pass protection. Rookie running backs really struggle with pass blocking principles. This will have a major factor on Painter's success, as he will surely face some protection mistakes.

Painter isn't a great fantasy option, but his value now decreases with the loss of Addai.

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