Seahawks vs. Giants: Why New York Can't Take This Game Lightly

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst IOctober 7, 2011

Seahawks vs. Giants: Why New York Can't Take This Game Lightly

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    The New York Giants welcome the Seattle Seahawks to MetLife Stadium this weekend, but for those of you who just thought "well that's a 'W' for New York," I say not so fast. 

    The Giants have owned Seattle over the past couple of years, but I would caution the Giants to avoid overlooking the Seahawks, they can be a feisty team. 

    Just ask New Orleans

    The Giants have been known to have let-down games in the past, especially with a better opponent waiting the following week. 

    Buffalo and their improved offense looms, so the Giants better not get caught looking ahead. 

    While I won't sit here and say the Seahawks are going to pull off the monumental upset, I just wouldn't be surprised if it happened. 

    With that, here are five reasons the Giants should not overlook the Seahawks this weekend. 

Justin Tuck Might Not Play

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    Justin Tuck was very short with reporters Thursday afternoon after practice and clearly appears frustrated with the progress of his neck injury. 

    He is now trying new shoulder pads and a new facemask to see if that helps, but you get the feeling watching the video he doesn't think he will be ready for this weekend. 

    The Giants have been pretty bad against the run without Tuck in the lineup. While the Seahawks have the second-least rushing yards in the NFL this year, the Giants made the Cardinals' Beanie Wells look like Adrian Peterson Week 4.

    The stats go out the window this early in the season, but what's clear is that the Giants have stunk without Tuck. 

    If Seattle is able to run the ball effectively, they could keep it close. 

The Giants Are Notorious for Having Let-Down Games

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    The Giants nearly had a case of this in 2011 already, but under coach Tom Coughlin over the years, as mentioned earlier, they've been known to have a complete let-down a time or two during the season. 

    Whether it is stupid penalties, dumb turnovers, or just bad play, you can count on at least one game going horribly wrong for the Giants. 

    This year it almost happened against Arizona, last year it was the Titans game, 2009 it was the Denver game (among others), 2008 it was the Cleveland Monday night game. I could keep going, but I've made my point. 

    Yes, the Giants have beaten the Seahawks 41-7 and 44-6 in the last two meetings, but this is a different year. 

    Coughlin better have the team ready. 

Scrambling Quarterbacks Can Give the Giants Problems

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    I know, I know, I know. The Giants smashed the Vikings last year with Tarvaris Jackson as their starting QB, but that was different. 

    First of all, he was replacing the injured Brett Favre, so that was a bit of added pressure. Secondly, that game had an awkward feeling to it. The Metrodome suffered damage due to an intense snow storm and the Vikings had to play a home game in Detroit's Ford Field. 

    With Jackson as the full-time starter in Seattle, he might be playing with a bit more confidence. 

    Whether it's been Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick or David Garrard, the Giants have struggled against scramblers in the past. 

    It will be very important for Chris Canty and Linval Joseph to get pressure up the middle this weekend. Take away Jackson's running lanes and keep him throwing. 

Get as Many W's Before Dreaded Second Half

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    The Giants have to take advantage of the schedule and win as many games they are supposed to win. 

    In the second half of the season, the Giants play New England, Green Bay, New Orleans, the Jets, Dallas (twice), Philadelphia and Washington

    Hell, even the San Francisco game isn't looking to be a sure thing anymore. The point is, the Giants better be 7-1 or at least 6-2 entering the second half or we could be looking at yet another collapse and a season of no playoffs. 

    With Seattle, Buffalo and Miami next on the schedule, 6-1 doesn't seem all that unlikely, but that's why they play the games. 

Create Separation in the Division

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    Speaking of these next three games on the schedule, the Giants have to take advantage of the opportunity that has presented itself to get a multiple-game lead in the division. 

    Analysts were basically back and forth between Philadelphia and Dallas as NFC East favorites, and wouldn't you know it—New York and Washington are out front. 

    Look, I'm not worried about the Redskins. They have been overachieving thus far and haven't really beat anyone that tough. The Giants were beat up and still figuring things out on offense when they played each other; we all know the Giants are a much better team now than they were in Week 1. 

    The Cowboys are banged up and the Eagles can't seem to do anything right on defense. If they continue to lose, the Giants have to stay on their game and build a big lead. 

    I'm not counting either of those two teams out of it yet. The NFC is loaded with talent, so the Giants can't count on getting a wild card spot.