Rex Ryan Video: Watch as Ryan Puts Himself in Same Class as Belichick

Joseph HealyCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2011

You don't have to convince any sports fan that Rex Ryan thinks a lot of himself. If you ask Ryan himself, he would likely tell you that he is right there with any head coach in the NFL.

It's that type of confidence that leads him to make proclamations like the ones he has made in the last two seasons, when he said that he felt his team was a Super Bowl contender.

So far, his team has yet to make that come true, but you have to admire his unwavering belief in his team. That's the mark of a great coach.

In a press conference ahead of his team's game against the New England Patriots, Ryan told reporters that when it comes to the head coaches, this is a matchup of two Hall of Famers.

But judging by how he continued on, he didn't mean it like you would think, at least on the surface.

Ryan goes on to talk about how he and Belichick are both Hall of Famers at their respective colleges, and that Belichick might have a slight edge on him because he played lacrosse in addition to football. 

But you can't help but think that there were some undertones in that message. It wouldn't surprise me if Ryan firmly believes that he is every bit the coach Belichick is.

As good as Ryan is, and he's very good, I don't think he's in Belichick's class.

Ryan can scheme as well as any coach in the league, even Belichick, but there are certain things that the Patriots coach still does better.

No one gets more out of reclamation projects like Belichick, and no one gets respect up and down a roster like he does.

Ryan has a long career ahead of him. He clearly has what it takes to be a head coach and, with the right team, I think he can get a Super Bowl ring.

Until he gets that ring, though, Belichick is the superior coach.