St. Louis Rams: 4 Ways Steve Spagnuolo Can Turn Season Around

Jordan Smith@@BareNakedSportsCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2011

St. Louis Rams: 4 Ways Steve Spagnuolo Can Turn Season Around

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    The Rams third year head coach has his work cut out for him. His team has been devastated by injuries to their secondary, their only good wide receiver, and even the offensive line. They've dropped more passes than any team in the league and their schedule is one of the absolute hardest. 

    That happens to teams every year though, and the difference is finding a way to prevail. Spagnuolo isn't a bad coach. He's got a subpar team in a bad division that has faced a lot of adversity. 

    It isn't too late to salvage their season though. Even if the Rams are 0-4, they play in the NFC West, and that gives them a chance. 

Feed the Ball to Steven Jackson

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    The Rams are struggling more on offense than any team in the league right now. 

    Rams wide receivers have become incredibly unreliable, and desperately miss the presence of the ultra reliable Danny Amendola. Saint Louis leads the league in dropped passes with 17. 

    Now that Steven Jackson's quad is good to go and they have another week for him to rest it's time to start giving him his normal work load. He's their work horse, and the more he gets the ball the better chance Rams wide receivers will have to get open. 

Fix the Offensive Line

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    The Rams offensive line has been atrocious so far, which is a huge disappointment considering how much they had improved last year. has every single Rams offensive linemen at a negative grade in pass blocking, and only two positive in run blocking. It's hard to say exactly what the problem is. The only real change from last year is the addition of Harvey Dahl at right guard, and all things considered he's the least bad out of any of the Rams front five. 

    It's hard enough to score points with a bunch of receivers dropping 17 passes, it's impossible when you're being pressured so much. Unless the offensive line is fixed there is no way this Rams offense will succeed. 

Find Some Secondary Help

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    The Rams have been very unfortunate in their secondary. They've lost Ron Bartell, Jerome Murphy, and as of today Bradley Fletcher possibly has a serious knee injury

    If Fletcher is out that leaves the Rams stranded with Justin King and Al Harris to play cornerback. The Rams secondary was only mediocre with Murphy and Bartell, now they're down right terrible. 

    The Rams desperately need to find someone to play cornerback, or adjust their system accordingly. Injuries happen to every team, and the Rams are no exception. The Giants have been able to compete with a banged up secondary and good defensive front. Maybe the Rams should give them a call. 

Get Competitive.

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    The Rams have one of the most difficult start to the seasons out of any teams. They've already had to play the the Eagles, Giants, Redskins, and Ravens, four good teams. 

    The next three aren't any easier. They'll have to go on the road to Green Bay, then Dallas, and come back home for the Saints. It's hard to see the Rams winning any of those games. 

    They're going to have to salvage this season against their division. Clearly, the NFC West is the worst division in football. The 49er's are 3-1, just barely. The Rams must start to play competitive football if they have a hope of salvaging their season. 

    In their final nine games the rams play all six of their divisional games, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. All of those games are very winnable. I think it's out of the question that the Rams will take those games 9-0, but they could turn their season into a respectable 6-10 or 7-9. Well, at least more respectable than 0-16. Who knows? The division is so terrible they could go 7-9 and win the division.