2012 MLB Free Agency: 5 Most Likely Destinations for Jose Reyes

Ray TannockSenior Analyst IOctober 4, 2011

2012 MLB Free Agency: 5 Most Likely Destinations for Jose Reyes

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    One of the biggest offseason discussions will be the most likely destinations for free agent Jose Reyes.

    Within this circle, is a plethora of teams that can legitimately considered suitors, but just which are actually capable of absorbing the potential hefty contract that Reyes is expected to command is a different story.

    In the same vein, however, is the desire for potential suitors to once again legitimately see that Reyes is perfectly healthy, and healed from his nagging hamstring if they are to fork over an contract that is speculated to be within the mark of $20 million annually.

    Wanna know who could shoulder such a financial undertaking? Then click away my friends.

San Francisco Giants

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    Sorry if the picture choices seem odd, but I figured I would feature Reyes exclusively here.

    The San Francisco Giants made a huge move this year in their acquisition of Carlos Beltran, but they cleverly did NOT necessarily break the bank.   

    Some Giants fans may argue that the club needs to score a quality catcher, but others may agree that Reyes would be a nice fit in San Francisco.

    The two focuses I see here is whether or not Mike Fontenot returns—unlikely—or whether or not the Giants give a green card to Brandon Crawford, which is somewhat likely.

    But if the Giants are able to acquire Reyes, the organization could lend favor to the notion of letting Crawford not only season a little bit more but also learn from one of the best short stops in the game.

    Reyes to San Francisco would make the Giants that much more dangerous, and on paper, it just makes the most sense.

Washington Nationals

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    The Nationals have been a whispered team as a possible suitor for the Jose Reyes extravaganza that is inevitably about to happen in the coming months.

    In my opinion, the Nationals have not gotten what they expected out of current short stop Ian Desmond, rather, they have been subjected to up and down play from the kid, which could factor into the decision process.

    The other issue is, the Nationals need more production out of the top of their order, and when you compare Reyes to Desmond, Reyes is an obvious upgrade.

    The possibility is there, but time will be the deciding factor here as to whether or not the Nationals throw in their hat.

Philadelphia Phillies

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    I wouldn't count out the Philadelphia Phillies just because of Jimmy Rollins, who might I add, is a free agent this year.

    GM Rubin Amaro Jr. has always been one for acquiring the best players available, and he has shown that by already building his dream rotation.

    Well what about a dream lineup?

    In the end, it may be cheaper for Philadelphia to re-sign Rollins, but that doesn't mean you immediately count out a team that could certainly benefit from a slightly younger short stop with solid defense and exceptional base-running skills.

Detroit Tigers

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    Hey Detroit, put this in your pipe and smoke it.

    What if you were to move Johnny Peralta BACK to third and fork over the hefty coin for Jose Reyes at short stop?

    This isn't—by any means at all—out of the question, Detroit, and Reyes could be that one player you all have been looking for to bolster you defense AND offense.

    The move is a very real possibility, especially with how the postseason goes for Detroit, so keep your fingers crossed.

New York Mets

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    New York wants Reyes to stay, and Reyes has already stated that he wants to stay, but money has a funny way of interfering with apparent desires.

    Both parties included here.

    As I mentioned, the idea is Jose Reyes will probably command upwards around $20 million annually, but the Mets will not enter this arena without their own financial cutoff point.

    And so the stage is set.

    The Mets may not offer as long of a deal as six or seven years with a player that has already showed signs of physical issues, and their payroll is already overly committed to Johan Santana, David Wright and Jason Bay—ok maybe not Wright, but you get the notion here.

    If Reyes plays financial hardball—an expected event to surface—the Mets are expected to fight until the bitter end, but ultimately lose out unless they make significant cuts elsewhere, something the team cannot afford.

    Do the Mets want Reyes to stay? Yes, but it isn't going to be easy.