Brandon Jacobs for MVP?

riley starrsContributor IDecember 1, 2008

Brandon Jacobs has been a beast all year long, dominating defenders and running through people as if they aren't even there.

He's got a Super Bowl ring—the next thing he needs is the coveted Most Valuable Player award. And with the kind of season he's having, averaging more than five yards a carry, he's 50 yards shy of 1,000 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns so far this season.

I believe he deserves serious MVP consideration.

The Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson, Washington Redskins' Clinton Portis, and Atlanta Falcons' Michael Turner all have more rushing yards than Jacobs. However, Jacobs has more touchdowns than all of them—Peterson has nine, Portis has seven, and only Turner has one more with 13.

Even though all of those players have more rushing yards, Jacobs has a higher yard per carry average than all of them. On top of this, Jacobs has done it with only 185 carries to Peterson's 270, Portis' 255, and Turner's 282.

Jacobs also shares carries with the three-headed monster that is the Giants' running game, which includes Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward.

I don't feel that there's really anyone in his league as a running back. While some could argue that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner deserves the MVP or Albert Haynesworth, the Tennessee Titans' defensive tackle, Jacobs means more to this team that the others mean to their teams.

Without Jacobs churning out the yards, and while Bradshaw and Ward are capable backs, none require the game planning and special attention that opposing teams give Jacobs before game day.