Miami Dolphins: Fans and Franchise Hit an All-Time Low

Jason ClaryCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2011

Believe it or not, Andrew Luck is not the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. Well, not yet anyways. There is nothing wrong with speculating that Miami may be in a position to select Andrew Luck in next year's NFL draft.

However, there is a problem with fans wanting that to be the case. By wanting, I don't mean wanting Andrew Luck—that is a given. By wanting I am referring to fans rooting for the team to perform poorly in order to select Andrew Luck.

In case you have been absent from football for a while, Andrew Luck is one of the best quarterback prospects ever. Luck is already being compared to Peyton Manning in his prime.

You look at the roster of the Miami Dolphins and you see many glaring needs, although none of those needs are as cardinal (another Andrew Luck reference) as having a prominent quarterback.

These days, sunny South Florida has turned into a sullen land cast in the shadows of Andrew Luck's grandeur. 

Funny how great quarterbacks tend to cast a shadow over potential greatness...damn you Dan Marino.

Since Dan Marino retired, Miami has made many failed attempts to acquire a franchise quarterback. In fact, you can't even count on your fingers how many quarterbacks Miami has had since Marino—unless you are some kind of super-being with an extraordinary amount of hand appendages.

The fact is, Miami has had a huge problem living up to any hype. Besides the 11-5 year in 2008, Miami has not lived up to expectations—that includes players, coaches and fans.


These fans that will buy tickets, a satellite TV package and merchandise are the same fans that will adopt the tagline "Suck for Luck."

The word "fan" is defined as "A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form."

Let's break down that definition. Fans are people. Boom...that one was easy. Strong interest would involve taking time and spending money to involve yourself in an activity. Two for two, let's go!

Here's where it gets a little tricky. Admiration. That is, respecting or approving something or someone. Obviously fans don't admire losing, right?

Aha! Got you. That can't be correct. Remember the dreadful 2007 season where Miami won a single game? Losing used to be a hot button issue. It used to be a deal-breaker. But now, Miami fans would prefer to be defeated, dismantled, disregarded, demolished, destroyed, decimated and...lucky.

There is a difference between wanting the team to lose and wanting the team to play on par with their talent. Fans have seen a playoff drought and have the mentality that if the team doesn't do well, then it should do so bad that it is not better than any team in the NFL.

It is a slippery slope. Mediocrity is a hard thing to cheer for, which makes "Suck for Luck" such an ironic campaign. Is it possible to be so bad that you are good? Fans are hoping.

Just imagine this...Andrew Luck being drafted by the Dolphins, just to turn into the next Ryan Leaf. Quit laughing Jets fans, your draft blunders are still second to none.

There is one thing for certain, Dolphins fans are putting a lot of hope in a player that has never thrown a pass in the NFL. Anything can happen.


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