Denver Broncos: Why Kyle Orton's Horrible Play Proves Tim Tebow Should Start

Clay DefayetteCorrespondent IIIOctober 3, 2011

Denver Broncos: Why Kyle Orton's Horrible Play Proves Tim Tebow Should Start

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    The Kyle Orton-led Denver Broncos went into Green Bay and got flattened, coming out in need of even more hope than was required before they played the Packers.

    The defense was even worse than the offense, giving up six touchdowns to Aaron Rodgers in multiple ways.

    Switching quarterbacks is key as the Denver Broncos continue to be at a stand still. This process doesn't involve swapping in Brady Quinn for Orton either.

    Here are the biggest reasons why Tim Tebow should be under center for entire games starting Week 5.

4. Locker Room

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    Brandon Lloyd may want Kyle Orton to keep starting at quarterback, but the Tim Tebow cloud still hangs over the locker room. The more games the Broncos lose, the harder the rain falls.

    Assuming that Denver keeps Tebow, the organization can't afford to have a former first round pick rot in value. John Fox wouldn't be giving in to the fans' demands, but he'd be acknowledging that the current path isn't working.

    Orton has already earned his wealthy deal from the Broncos and sitting him second wouldn't cause as much fuss amongst the players. Helping quiet the noise would mean Tebow winning one of his first starts, something Orton has been unable to accomplish.

3. Division Rivals

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    Denver isn't in a rich quarterback division, as the Broncos reside in the AFC West. Outside of the Chargers, the division doesn't have top quarterback play.

    The Raiders and Chiefs are run-first, physical teams. Tim Tebow embodies "physical" just as much as any other quarterback in the league. The Josh McDaniels scheme of throwing the ball around constantly needs to be gone.

    The new offensive system doesn't have to be Florida's spread that Tebow played in, but Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee could use the threat of the quarterback taking off to help them both.

2. John Fox's Future

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    All the new hires on Denver's staff supposedly told Tim Tebow before the lockout that he would be the Broncos' starter and that he should prepare as such. While that was a mistake if it indeed occurred, John Fox is doing a disservice to others in the Broncos brass by sticking with Kyle Orton.

    It's not suggesting that Fox still has Orton as his starting quarterback to spite Tebow and the fans that want him playing as more than a wide receiver, but it could be potentially dangerous. By hitching his wagon to the horsepower-less right arm of Orton, Fox has less room for mistakes.

    Orton doesn't appear to be the future quarterback of this team, so it would be wasting time by possibly playing Tebow next season if in fact Tebow is as bad as perceived by the front office.

1. Interceptions from Orton

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    Kyle Orton doubled his season interception total by tossing three more picks to Charles Woodson and the Green Bay secondary.

    Six interceptions from Orton doesn't suggest that Tim Tebow is more accurate. However, Tebow gives less risk for the Broncos. The defense isn't that good and it doesn't need to play any more snaps than possible.

    Denver is in a division that is largely run-first, as Norv Turner's Chargers team is gravitating toward the young Ryan Matthews. The defensive strong point for Denver is rushing the passer and that could be made possible if the offense for the Broncos keeps the clock ticking with a run-heavy approach.