NFL Draft 2012: The Rams Are on the Clock to Choose Between Bradford or Luck

David Heeb@@DavidHeebCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2011

Luck or Bradford?  That is the question.
Luck or Bradford? That is the question.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Andrew Luck is the best QB prospect to come along... ever.  At least that is what a lot of people say about the Stanford quarterback. 

So it's natural to wonder and get excited about who is going to draft him.  Most of the Mock Drafts you see out there have some QB needy team like Miami or Kansas City picking first. 

Ladies and gentleman, the St. Louis Rams are the worst team in the NFL right now.

If the Rams hold true to their first-quarter-of-the-season form, and they have the first pick in this April's NFL Draft, it is going to set up one of the most compelling dramas we have seen in recent memory.  Will the Rams keep second year QB Sam Bradford, a former No. 1 overall pick himself?  Or will they trade Bradford and pick up Luck?

The Rams are 0-4 right now.  

They have a bye next week, and then their next three games are at Green Bay, Dallas, and home against the Saints.  That is a perfect recipe for a team to go 0-7.  After that, starting in Week 9, is where things will get very interesting.

The Rams will have some very winnable games. 

However, they already have a coach in the Hot Seat.  Rams' Head Coach Steve Spagnulo has a career record of 8-28 right now, and he would be 8-31 if the Rams do indeed start this year 0-7.  With the coach's job security in question, will the Rams play better, or will they just tank it for the rest of the season?

If the first four games of the season are any indication, Spags is in trouble.

Sam Bradford needs some help in St. Louis.
Sam Bradford needs some help in St. Louis.Jeff Curry/Getty Images

According to Chris Myers, the broadcaster working the Rams' game on FOX today, the Rams lead the league in dropped passes, and they are second in the NFL in penalties.  They also lead the league in "getting Sam Bradford killed," with Bradford being sacked, knocked down, or hit on over 30% of his throws this season.

If the Rams aren't playing hard for Spags now, when many experts were picking the Rams to win the NFC West prior to the season, what are they going to do when the season is basically over?

With all the turmoil that is coming regarding their Head Coach's future, the Rams will probably lose some very winnable games.  They play at Arizona and Cleveland.  The Rams have been awful on the road for the last two seasons, never mind the fact that the Cardinals and Browns are flat out better than the Rams.  The Rams would be 0-9. 

The "Luck Watch" in St. Louis would be on.

Weeks 11 and 12 bring Seattle and Arizona to St. Louis.  The Rams will probably win one of two.  Then they go to Seattle and San Francisco, where they will lose both games.  The Rams would be 1-12.

The Rams will close the season by hosting Cincinnati, then playing at Pittsburgh and San Francisco.  They will beat the Bengals at home, but have no shot to win either game on the road.  That means the Rams will finish the season 2-14.

A couple other teams might have a shot at the number one pick (by my count there are 9), but it's hard to do worse than 2-14.  The Rams are going to have a very real chance at landing the number one pick. 

Everybody in the NFL says that Bradford is going to be a bona fide star, the kind of QB that can lead a team to a Super Bowl.  He has proven himself in the NFL.  It's not Bradford's fault the Rams are terrible.  This kid has the goods, he just needs some help.

Luck, on the other hand, is considered a much better prospect coming out of college than Bradford was.  He has been called a better prospect than Peyton Manning right here on the Bleacher Report, by our very own Matt Miller.  However, he is still just a prospect.  He hasn't thrown a pass in the NFL.

Would the Rams pick Luck and trade Sam Bradford?

Honestly, if this scenario plays out, I just can't see the Rams trading Bradford.  They know what they have in Bradford.  Plus, the demand for Luck is going to be so high that the Rams could get a treasure trove of picks in return for Luck. 

In 1998, the San Diego Chargers traded two first round picks, a second round pick, plus Eric Metcalf (a three time Pro Bowler) for the chance to move up one spot! 

A team like Miami, Seattle, or Kansas City might be interested in paying through the nose for the chance to select Luck.  There is no way the Rams would trade Luck to Seattle because they play in the same division.  But if the Rams could work out a deal with a team like Kansas City or Miami, I could see the Rams doing it.

So the Rams would trade the No. 1 overall pick, slide back to second or third overall, and they would surely select Alshon Jeffrey (WR, South Carolina) or Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma State).  They could use those extra picks to fill the numerous roster holes they have right now.  Sam Bradford would finally get an NFL caliber wide receiver to throw to, and we could finally see what Sam the Ram is capable of.

And as long as we're making trades, can we please throw Rams' GM Billy Devaney in? 

If not for Billy D and his awful draft record, the Rams wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.


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