Michael Vick: Why Fantasy Owners Need to Trade Eagles QB Immediately

Joe PetruloCorrespondent IIIOctober 3, 2011

Michael Vick: Why Fantasy Owners Need to Trade Eagles QB Immediately

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    Michael Vick has proven doubters correct so far in 2011, as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has struggled to live up to fantasy football expectations this year.

    Vick has been injured, which was a concern for his detractors coming into the season.

    He has also failed to play up to his 2010 level.

    Let's take a look at why fantasy owners need to begin exploring trade options if they own number seven.

There Are Solid Options Available at Cheap Prices

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    Despite the fact that Michael Vick has struggled in 2011, players that are readily available like Eli Manning can bring similar value anyway.

    Manning may not have the big outbursts like Vick does, but he consistently produces.

    The best part is, in most cases, Manning is a backup on another team in your league.

    So, if you can find a trading chip like Manning to throw in as part of a Vick deal, you should pursue it.

    Vick is simply too risky to trust as your lead man. 

    You should prefer a consistent quarterback option that will provide you with solid production week in and week out. 

You Can Still Get a Lot for Him

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    Michael Vick has not played well this season, but you can still get a lot of fantasy value in return for him if you make a move now.

    Vick is one bad scramble away from being lost for the entire season.

    At this point, Vick can still get you great value in return, but that can change any week.

    If you lack a solid backup option, try to get a solid quarterback like Josh Freeman or Eli Manning, and a stud running back or wide receiver in return.

    If you already have a great backup, look to attain one of the premier running backs or wide receivers while you still can.

His Lack of Production

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    Michael Vick has simply not produced for the Philadelphia Eagles or your fantasy team like he did in 2010.

    Apparently, he is not invincible. 

    Vick has failed to even play like a top 10 quarterback in fantasy football.

    His expectations approached fantasy football legend status.

    It was simply too much to ask for. 

    His production may see a small spike, but expect it to be a lot more of LeSean McCoy in Philadelphia in 2011.

    Try to find someone in your league that values him like everyone did in the preseason and get some value back for him.

He Has Already Had Injury Problems

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    Michael Vick's injury concern is the biggest reason fantasy owners need to trade him as soon as possible.

    Most who thought that Vick was not deserving of a first-round pick were extremely concerned about his ability to stay healthy.

    He has proven them right, as he has had a myriad of dings and bruises early on in the season.

    Vick will be lucky to avoid injuries for the rest of the season.

    Unless you have a star backup, Vick's injury prowess is reason enough to trade him before you lose him for an extended period of time.