NFL Power Rankings: 3 Offenses Who Have Their Teams' Stock Rising

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIOctober 1, 2011

The NFL preseason was cut very short by the lock out. Offenses did not get their normal amount of reps and hence why some still seem a bit out of sync in this very young season.

Here are three teams that have their offenses firing on all cylinders and do not appear like they are going to be stopping anytime soon.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are the biggest surprise of the 2011 campaign.

As the Bills sit on three wins and an undefeated record, they have their potent offense to thank for that.

The Bills are the unlikely highest-scoring team in the NFL thus far. The Bills are averaging 37.7 points per game.

They also obtain the third-most total yards, gaining 431 yards a game.

The Buffalo Bills will continue to surprise people as long as their offensive well does not dry up.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are coming off of their first win and also their worst offensive performance out of their first three games.

Rookie quarterback Cam Newton is leading the Panthers.

It is a bit surprising because Newton had so many question marks around him and his game.

Many pointed out his passing and his lack of accuracy reasons he would not be able to adapt to the NFL.

Well, under Newton, the Panthers have been able to get 321.7 yards per game from the passing game.

He has put most critics to rest and has the Panthers only looking forward.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots will always have a great offense as long as Tom Brady is under center and Bill Belichick and his staff are calling the plays.

The Patriots were upset by the Bills last week, and it was one of Tom Brady’s worst games of his career.

Brady threw four interceptions, which is the statistic that pops out first when looking at the stat line.

The next is that the Patriots still had the opportunity to win the game.

How does that happen? Well, when your team moves the ball at will and gains 540.3 yards per game, your team will always have a chance to win the game even if you give up four interceptions.

Kyle Skov’s 2011 NFL Power Rankings

Green Bay Packers  

2.    New England Patriots

3.    Detroit Lions

San Diego Chargers

Buffalo Bills

New Orleans Saints

Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans

10. New York Jets

11. Carolina Panthers

12. Oakland Raiders

13. Dallas Cowboys

14. Washington Redskins

15. Philadelphia Eagles

16. Atlanta Falcons

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

18. New York Giants

19. Chicago Bears

20. Arizona Cardinals

21. Tennessee Titans

22. San Francisco 49ers

23. St. Louis Rams

24. Cleveland Browns

25. Minnesota Vikings

26. Miami Dolphins

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

28. Denver Broncos

29. Cincinnati Bengals

30. Seattle Seahawks

31. Indianapolis Colts

32. Kansas City Chiefs


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