Fantasy Football Week 4: Colt McCoy and 3 Players You Shouldn't Buy Into

Ray TannockSenior Analyst ISeptember 27, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 4: Colt McCoy and 3 Players You Shouldn't Buy Into

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    Every week fantasy football is littered with players who some feel is a hot trending player to pay attention to, and while there are quite a few in each given week, there are just as many you shouldn’t buy into, like Cleveland Browns' quarterback, Colt McCoy.

    But there is more reason than just a fantasy red flag that promotes a hesitant approach to the player in question.

    Today, I want to quickly run through four offensive players that you absolutely should not buy into, as we head into Week 4, and delve a little bit into the WHY aspect behind such claims.


Donald Jones: WR: Buffalo Bills

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    Donald Jones fits the bill as a “hot start" player who many owners are wondering if they should pick up, but the fact is, you need to steer clear of him altogether.

    Jones hauled in five passes for 101 yards in Week 3, which has every WR hungry owners champing at the bit here. But the fact is, he saw the majority of his work due to the fact that the Bills were again in comeback mode.

    To further help his case this week, both David Nelson and Stevie Johnson were being blanketed during that frenzied comeback by Buffalo.

    This is not going to be a weekly trend even if Ryan Fitzpatrick targets him more, which is also very unlikely.

    It would be safer to leave Jones alone.

Roy Helu: RB: Washington Redskins

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    Roy Helu has the talent, no doubt.

    Roy Helu has also shown the Redskins' coaching staff he has some form of explosiveness, but his inconsistency and roster rank as backup to Tim Hightower, is more than enough to make most steer clear of him altogether.

    It isn’t just the aforementioned that is an issue here but also the fact that Helu still has a ton of work to do.

    Helu still needs to show he can react to in-play defensive adjustments and still needs to show more consistency on the field.

    In regard to fantasy, Helu is not a guy you wanna target.

Zach Miller: TE: Seattle Seahawks

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    Miller is an interesting situation because some owners are now starting to drop him, while other owners are thinking he is a worthy waiver wire grab just because of his name alone.

    This is the kill shot in fantasy football.

    You do not pick up a player because of his name, rather, you pick him up because you know he has long term value.

    This value has to be based on his targets per game, his surrounding cast and more importantly, his quarterback.

    The Seahawks—as a team—is the other governing factor here.

    This is a team likely to be behind in the majority of their contests, and when playing from behind, you don’t usually target your TE unless the clock is an issue.

    Miller has the talent, but his surrounding team does not. Stay away.

Colt MCoy: QB: Cleveland Browns

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    Ah, Mr. McCoy!

    McCoy has shown solid promise, but he has also shown that he is too inconsistent to really place any fantasy football value on him.

    Colt McCoy is going to be a guy who will give you some fantasy points here and there, but nothing more—simply because he is good against bad teams, and bad against good teams.

    Again, it is also about his surrounding cast.

    The Browns have developing players such as receiver Greg Little and tight end Evan Moore, but fantasy owners combing the waiver wire want, and need, players with immediate impact potential; something McCoy just doesn’t offer right now.

    If, however, you are a Dynasty owner, then I would suggest grabbing McCoy if he is available.

    This has been a small write up, but I hope it did indeed help. If you would like to see some waiver wire mentions that you SHOULD pick up, then come check out my Week 4 Waiver Wire Watch.