NFL Trade Rumors: 4 Trades to Keep Coaches off the Hotseat

Josh TrueloveCorrespondent IIISeptember 27, 2011

NFL Trade Rumors: 4 Trades to Keep Coaches off the Hotseat

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    Every NFL season, there are a few coaches who make you say, "How does this guy still have a job?" That goes for this season as well.

    There are ways to save jobs, though. There are players available who can save some teams and save some jobs. There are quarterbacks, wide receivers, cornerbacks, etc... available.

    There are a few trades these coaches could make to save their jobs. Let's take a look.

4. Chad Ochocinco to Minnesota

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    The Minnesota Vikings are in trouble, and head coach Leslie Frazier might be as well.

    It is only Frazier's first year as head coach, but that does not mean his job is safe. The Vikings have blown two leads in a row, and their offense is predictable: stop Adrian Peterson and you win.

    They traded for Donovan McNabb in the offseason, but he has zero help at wide receiver. Percy Harvin is a good slot receiver, but a slot receiver is only effective if you have another receiver to go over the top of the defense.

    Chad Ochocinco does not look happy on the New England Patriots. He is not being included in the offense, and when he is he blows his opportunities. There may be too much pressure on the big stage for Ochocinco, so maybe a trip to Minnesota would do him good.

    McNabb needs a go-to wide receiver, and Ochocinco could be that guy.

3: Chad Ochocinco to St. Louis

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    Minnesota is not the only available home for Ochocinco; the St. Louis Rams should be interested as well.

    Steve Spagnuolo has been head coach for the Rams since 2009, and the team has failed to win the worst division in football in each of the years Spags has been there. A lot of people thought this would be the year they would make it, but they are 0-3.

    A big reason they lose is they have no wide receivers outside of Danny Amendola, who is hurt. They all drop passes on Sam Bradford, and Bradford has no go-to wide receiver in big situations. They cannot just run Steven Jackson every play.

    A trade for Chad Ochocinco could save the Rams' season and Spagnuolo's job.

2. Carson Palmer to Miami

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    The Cincinnatti Bengals are not winning the battle versus Carson Palmer. Yeah, Mr. Brown, you really showed Carson. By not trading him, he sits out, and you still pay him. Nice job.

    This will not last, and Palmer will be traded. When? Nobody knows, but it will be soon, and the Miami Dolphins should be willing to give a lot to get him.

    Chad Henne has proved to be anything but the answer at quarterback for Miami, and Tony Sparano's seat is hotter than anyone else in the NFL. A trade for Palmer is a must, and that still might not save Sparano. However, it is Sparano's only chance.

1. Tim Tebow to Indianpolis

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    Lets face it, without Peyton Manning the Indianapolis Colts will be lucky to win five games this season. That is unacceptable. Peyton is the best quarterback in football, but is that team so bad that they are just helpless without him?

    Let's face it, Jim Caldwell inherited the easiest job in football: coaching Peyton Manning. Why is it easy? Because Peyton is more or less the offensive coordinator. Caldwell does nothing but ruin their chances, and we saw that in the playoffs last year. Now without Peyton, Caldwell has to actually coach...uh oh.

    Caldwell's seat should be on fire, but there is a way to cool it down, and his name is Tim Tebow. Tebow could come into Indianapolis and win more games than Kerry Collins or Curtis Painter would. If Peyton is somehow able to come back this season, Tebow could win them enough games to keep them in the playoff hunt before Peyton gets back.

    Even if Peyton does not come back, good luck selling tickets with Curtis Painter. Honestly, the only reason the Colts have not put Manning on injured reserve yet is because they know they will not sell any tickets for the rest of the season if they do. Tebow would bring in ticket sales.

    After this season, Tebow could sit back, watch and learn from the greatest pure passer in the NFL. The Colts would be stupid not to make this move.