NY Giants: Why They Did Not Receive More Credit After Sunday's Game

Erick Fernandez@erickgfonsportsCorrespondent IISeptember 26, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 25: Defensive back  Aaron Ross #31 of the New York Giants celebrates with teammates  Antrel Rolle #26, Kenny Phillips #21 and  Mathias Kiwanuka #93 after Ross intercepted a Philadelphia Eagles pass in the fourth quarter at Lincoln Financial Field on September 25, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Giants defeated the Eagles 29-16. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Rob Carr/Getty Images

After the New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, September 26th, the storylines coming from the media after the game indicated that the Eagles lost the game and not that the Giants won. 

The focus was put on Michael Vick's fractured right hand as well as the Eagles' inability to score in the red zone. 

There wasn't a lot of talk about the defensive pressure that the Giants put on Michael Vick, or the brilliant play calling on both sides of the ball by Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. 

In the many people's eyes, the Giants, with their laundry list of injuries, had no business beating the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and the Giants defense had a different plan. They showed a lot of will and determination throughout the game.

Manning had a great game against the Eagles yesterday. He threw for 254 yards and four touchdowns. Most importantly, he did not throw an interception. That stat line will make a Giants fan happy. 

Cruz surprised the Eagles secondary and the rest of the NFL yesterday with his performance. He had 110 yards receiving on only three catches. Cruz had a 74-yard touchdown reception in which he made two Eagles miss badly. He also impressed many with his salsa celebration after getting into the end zone.

Cruz, with the Giants down two, "Moss'd" the Eagles' beloved free agent acquisition, Nnamdi Asomugha, right in front of the goal line. He would then stretch and get the ball past the pylon for the touchdown. 

The Giants defense was the most impressive part of the game. They were in the face of Michael Vick the entire game. There were not many times when Vick wasn't under pressure or hit in the pocket. This was due to the Fewell's game plan. Numerous pre-snap alignments and adjustments by the Giants confused both Vick and the Eagles' offensive line. 

After the game, he accused the Giants of playing dirty and taking numerous late hits on him after his throws. He should have been more upset at his offensive line for missing their assignments, or himself for holding onto the ball too long trying to make a play on other occasions.

The Giants imposed their will and played a major role in the victory. Although Vick's injury was a major storyline from the game and prevented the Eagles from making a comeback, nothing should be taken away from what the Giants were able to accomplish yesterday.

The Giants are now 2-1, riding high into their Week 4 showdown against the Arizona Cardinals.

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