Too Early for Redskins '09 Draft Ideas? Never!

Sean WilsonCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

I know...the Skins are still in the playoff hunt and should make the playoffs with the remaining schedule.  But can they get deep?  I seriously doubt it! 

But before Danny boy gets antsy, relapses into a teenage girl with a credit card, and trades away draft picks for hip replacement candidates like Zach Thomas and Derrick Brooks, I wanted to take a look at next year’s draft prospects.

Hopefully we can see some of these good young players learning from the quality established veterans we have such as London Fletcher, Clinton, Samuels, Thomas, etc., etc....

I just don't see superheroes coming out of the draft in positions we need superheroes.  First, what do the Skins need?  Pass rush and pass protection!  So start with that!  Casey Rabach is the weakest link...goodbye!

Trade away the first round pick to one of the teams with two seconds or a late round first and a second:

First/Second Round

1.    Alex Mack, C, Cal, or

2.    Max Unger, C, Oregon or

3.    Jonathon Luigs, C, Arkansas, or

4.    Eric Wood, C, Louisville

—Good stock at center who could justifiably go in first round or early second.  Any of these guys could be available in middle to late second round.

1.    Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU, or

2.    Michael Johnson, DE, GT, or

3.    Matt Shaughnessy, DE, Wisconsin

—I think Shaughnessy will be the best out of this maybe include Orakpo from Texas (who'll be gone early).

From that point on, go get some of these guys by position in this order:

1.    Tyrone McKenzie, OLB, S. Florida, or

2.    Jonathon Casillas, OLB, Wisconsin, or

3.    Zach Follett, OLB, Cal

—McKenzie is a tackling machine, Casillas is fast and explosive, and Follett is an all-around complete package.

4. Ian Johnson, RB, Boise St.

—A tough, fiery runner who has won big games

5. Brad Lester, RB, LSU

—Good blocker, and good receiver out of the backfield + tough downhill runner (plays bigger than small size, a la Portis).

6. Demonte Boldin, DT, TN, or

7. Rashaad Jackson, DT, Clemson

—Both can stuff the middle, and both can get at the QB from the middle.

8. Louis Vasquez, G, Texas Tech

9. Travis Bright, G, BYU

10. Dallas Reynolds, G, BYU

—Why these guys?  Look at the systems they ran in college...remove the learning curve for low round draft picks and watch them contribute.

I understand the Redskins' draft concept of getting the best player available, but they are a pass first offense now.  Protect it!  I love Buges...but his time has passed, and they need to update the blocking schemes.

What is keeping this team with a top five defense, a top five running game, and decent special teams, from being elite?  No big plays.  What's preventing big plays?  Not throwing the ball downfield.  Why can't they get the ball downfield?  Campbell can't make a five-step drop without someone in his hip pocket!

Rhinehart and Heyer can be built around to protect him for years.  Continue nourishing him in this system, spell Clinton MORE OFTEN with a quality back who can block and not fumble, and the Skins will win Super Bowls for the next 10 years.

The Skins have all the fire, skill, and leadership on the field they need to build a Super Bowl address the needs with youth and talent...where it’s needed!


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