Top 5 Week 3 Waiver Wire Picks to Transform Your Team

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistSeptember 21, 2011

Top 5 Week 3 Waiver Wire Picks to Transform Your Team

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    This past week we saw some big names go down and some smaller names come up big.

    If you were on the receiving end of an injury or just aren't happy with how your "stars" are performing, then you're in luck. I've singled out the five best waiver wire pickups for you this week.

    Let's just hope you don't need a RB, because those are slim pickings right now. Maybe you can just grab one of these guys and turn him into a running back in a trade.

Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Titans

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    Owned in 9.3% of ESPN leagues

    Look, Matt Hasselbeck has never been a sexy fantasy pick. But what he has been is consistant.

    So if you're in a deep league and somehow got stuck with Matt Cassel as your QB, grab Hasselbeck as fast as you can.

    You know you'll get a TD or two and over 200 yards passing. Hell, he torched Baltimore for 350. Is that not proof enough?

Eric Decker, WR, Broncos

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    Owned in 6.7% of ESPN leagues

    Somebody on Denver has to score the ball. With how banged up the Broncos are, some surprise players are going to get into the end zone. And it looks like Decker is one of them.

    With just three catches in his first game for 53 yards, he made all five catches count in Week 2 for 100-plus yards and two TDs.

    As long as Brandon Lloyd is out for Denver, look for Decker to be a solid stop-gap for you.

Denarius Moore, WR, Raiders

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    Owned in 2% of ESPN leagues

    Don't trust a Raiders WR in fantasy? I don't blame you. It's not like anybody saw this coming with zero catches in Week 1. But after a huge Week 2, it looks like Moore just might be Jason Campbell's new favorite target.

    True, 146 yards and a touchdown will put you on anybody's radar. It just remains to be seen whether he can keep being productive.

    I'd say it's worth taking a flyer on him.

Isaac Redman, RB, Steelers

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    Owned in 1.2% of ESPN leagues

    Okay, if you are desperate for a RB, Isaac Redman might be your best bet to get some under-the-radar fantasy points in the short term.

    He did get 10 carries in Week 2 and managed to rumble one into the end zone.

    Redman won't be consistant from week to week, but there's always the chance that he can score at any given time. 

Jason Campbell, QB, Raiders

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    Owned in 27.5% of ESPN leagues

    Another big risk, but as you can see by the percentages, there are plenty of people willing to take that risk.

    Nobody likes having to rely on a Raiders QB, but you don't win fantasy leagues by being conservative. If you take a risk here, you could be rewarded.

    Campbell has the stingy Jets defense coming up next, but after that he'll see the forgiving secondary of New England. If they can make Chad Henne look like a superstar, you know Campbell can put up some numbers there.