Dunta Robinson: Why Roger Goodell Should Bring the Hammer Down on Falcons' CB

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 19, 2011

Dunta Robinson cheap-shots Jeremy Maclin.
Dunta Robinson cheap-shots Jeremy Maclin.Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

If he keeps this up, we should simply call him Dirty Dunta Robinson.

Dunta the Dirty did it again, last night, on a national telecast in the NBC Sunday night game with Atlanta playing Philadelphia in the Georgia Dome.

Huge crowd, huge national television audience.

Dunta the Dirty struck.


This cat simply went helmet-to-helmet on Jeremy Maclin of the Philadelphia Eagles, attempting to knock him somewhere into the next zip code.

Dunta the Dirty Bird.

What makes this guy particularly disgusting is that he has those two magical words next to his name:

Repeat Offender.

"Unbelieveable, he's done it again," Collinsworth blurted right after the deed was done. "He did the same thing a year ago to DeSean Jackson."

Perhaps Dunta's simply been reading the old book Confessions of a Dirty Ball Player by Johnny Sample.

Dunta's done it this time. This simply will not sit well with the Commish, the Patron of Punishment, the Lord of Large Fines, the Sultan of Suspensions—Roger Goodell.

Now granted, many feel that Goodell's gone too far in the wrong direction when it comes to hard hits, but in this case, it's time for the Commish to show us what he's got.

Did we mention, Repeat Offender?

Time for Jolly Roger to forgo fines and employ the "S" word, as in suspension. That's the only thing that means something these days. Fines? They just pay the stinkin' fine and go on with their business.

"He was definitely head hunting," Collinsworth added. And there's no place for head-hunting, especially in the eyes of us who saw the late Darryl Stingley get hit live by Oakland's Jack Tatum back in 1978.

This time, Goodell has every right to banish Robinson for a period to be determined.

Hard hits are one thing, hits that can paralyze a player, well, this Robinson guy has to learn a lesson.

Time to pay the piper.

Or in the case of Dunta Robinson, the Commish. 


Writer's note:  The NFL fined Dunta Robinson $40,000 for the illegal hit.