Washington Redskins: 4 Reasons Rex Grossman Can Lead the Team to the Playoffs

Daniel CiarrocchiCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2011

Washington Redskins: 4 Reasons Rex Grossman Can Lead the Team to the Playoffs

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    With two early-season victories under his belt, Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman has shone by posting 596 yards, four touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 90.1.

    Grossman made a bold claim in August that the Redskins will win the NFC East, and many scoffed. But as of now, the sound of laughter has been replaced by Washington cheers. 

    In wake of the early season success, it leaves many to wonder—is Rex Grossman really that crazy for believing in his team?

Rex Grossman Is Capable of Facing Adversity

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    Critics love to pile on Rex Grossman, but on Sunday, he showed up when it meant the most.

    Down by eight points with about 10 minutes to go, Grossman orchestrated two game winning drives, and completed 9-out-of-14 passes for 87 yards and a touchdown.

    It was the second consecutive week that Grossman led a scoring drive with the game on the line. In doing so, he redeemed himself for earlier mistakes, but more importantly demonstrated his ability to learn from them.

    That's the kind of resiliency that the Redskins offense has rarely seen after enduring the eras of Jason Campbell and Donovan McNabb. With Grossman's knowledge of Kyle Shanahan's offense, he is more than capable of making those kinds of adjustments.     


Rex Grossman Won't Have to Do It Alone

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    We praise Grossman for two fourth-quarter drives in his Week 2 victory, but without the help of his defense, it wouldn't have happened.

    An inspired effort by London Fletcher put the helm back into Grossman's hands after forcing a three-and-out to give the offense one more shot.

    The defense has forced three turnovers in two games and if Grossman's job is made much easier with the short fields the defense creates.

Rex Grossman's Done It Before

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    Much of the credit for the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl run of 2006 rightfully goes to their defense, but Grossman played a critical role on that team.

    In his only full season as a starter, Grossman displayed a Jekyll-Hyde style of football that earned him the "Good Rex" and "Bad Rex" titles from the press. He turned the ball over frequently, but also masked that with his ability to stretch the field and create long touchdowns to deep threats like Bernard Berrian.

    Now, his situation and system are vastly different in Washington, where Grossman is being coached to play within himself and manage the game.

    By not doing too much and by learning from prior experience on football's biggest stage, the Redskins may not have found just a quarterback, but a leader.

Washington Redskins Have a Favorable Schedule

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    Only four teams on the Redskins 2011 schedule were in the playoffs in 2010, which gives them the NFL's fourth-easiest schedule.

    And of those four teams, one was the Seattle Seahawks, a team that finished 7-9 last season.

    The Redskins do have to face divisional rivals that are still formidable opponents, but the injury bug may have made their road a little less rocky. The Giants lost several key defenders in the preseason and Eagles' star quarterback Michael Vick suffered a concussion.

    The Dallas Cowboys are coping with several nagging injuries to stars like Tony Romo, Felix Jones, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. 

    Injuries and opponent's records never guarantee a win or a loss, but it's hard to ignore how the planets are aligning in Washington's favor.