NFL: 10 Potential Buyers and Sellers After Week 2

Chris Faig@@ULuminaryCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2011

NFL: 10 Potential Buyers and Sellers After Week 2

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    With two weeks now behind us, the 2011-12 NFL season has been full of interesting antics and exciting plays.  However, as usual, there has been many players who have seen their playing time decrease from last season.  This is due to other players that have had breakthrough offseasons and preseasons, as well as incoming rookies that have been forced into the spotlight.  

    There has also been players such as Carolina's Cam Newton and Oakland's Darren McFadden who have gotten off to fantastic starts so far, but will begin to decline in production throughout the course of the season.  This is mainly because of the difficult schedules both Carolina and Oakland have in front of them.  

    Than you've got players like the New York Jets' Santonio Holmes and New England's Rob Gronkowski who you can bet will continue to have successful seasons because of their dominant play so far and because of the reliability their teams have for them.  

    There are many players that have either received too much hype or not enough hype so far this season.  The following slides show which one's you should buy into and which you should sell. 

RB Reggie Bush, Miami Dolphins

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    Height: 6'0''

    Weight: 203 pounds

    2011 Stats(After Week 2): 17 rushing attempts for 56 yards; 10 receptions for 59 yards and one touchdown

    Buy/Sell: Sell

    Reggie Bush was a fantastic collegiate athlete, but has not lived up to the high expectations many had for the bright young star out of USC.  And he never will.  Sure, Bush has his impressive runs and flashy moves.  However, he fails to be a consistent, dominating threat like he's expected to be.  Bush won't be in Miami for long.  

WR Santonio Holmes, New York Jets

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    Height: 5'11''

    Weight: 192 pounds

    2011 Stats: Nine receptions for 112 yards and one touchdown

    Buy/Sell: Buy

    Santonio Holmes thinks of himself as one of the best receivers in the league, and that's exactly what he has proven to be the past two seasons for the New York Jets.  Now alongside Plaxico Burress, Holmes will see more opportunities and better matchups because of the lanky and always dangerous threat that  No. 17 imposes.  

QB Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

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    Height: 6'2''

    Weight: 232 pounds

    2011 Stats: Completed 47-of-72 attempted passes for 599 yards, seven touchdowns, two interceptions, a 65.3 CMP percentage and a 112.0 QB rating

    Buy/Sell: Buy

    Matthew Stafford exhibited a ton of potential last season and has clearly worked hard in the offseason to become better and more effective.  So far this season, Stafford is ranked among the top five quarterbacks.  Sure it's early, but those Lions look impressive.  

RB Ronnie Brown, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Height: 6'0''

    Weight: 230 pounds

    2011 Stats: Seven rushing attempts for 17 yards

    Buy/Sell: Sell (unless McCoy gets injured)

    Ronnie Brown was a highly-effective player on Miami, but for some reason the Eagles haven't made much use of him this season.  Well, that's because they have LeSean McCoy, who is quickly becoming one of the most dominant running backs in the National Football League.  Unless the Eagles find some unique use for Brown, his production will drop severely from previous years.

WR Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

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    Height: 6'3''  

    Weight: 220 pounds 

    2011 Stats: Seven receptions for 100 yards

    Buy/Sell: Buy

    Sure, he's only a rookie, but Julio Jones is going to have a huge impact on the Atlanta Falcons this season.  Not only is he a terrific athlete who is fast and versatile, but alongside Roddy White, they easily form one of the scariest WR duos in the NFL.  Expect a long and successful career in Atlanta.  Possibly even a championship in the very near future.

QB Donovan McNabb, Minnesota Vikings

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    Height: 6'2''

    Weight: 240 pounds

    2011 Stats: Completed 25-of-45 attempted passes for 267 yards, one touchdown, one interception, a 55.6 CMP percentage and a 71.2 QB rating

    Buy/Sell: Sell

    Donovan McNabb is out of his prime and has been for a few seasons.  It's time for him to call it quits.  It's also time for the Minnesota Vikings to call it quits with there consistent signings of old, washed-up quarterbacks.  The Vikings may make the playoffs, but that's only because they have one of the best , if not the best, running backs in the league.

TE Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

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    Height: 6'6''

    Weight: 265 pounds

    2011 Stats: 10 receptions for 172 yards and three touchdowns 

    Buy/Sell: Buy

    Rob Gronkowski is a giant target that Tom Brady very rarely misses.  He had a superb year last season, and he's off to a fantastic start approaching Week 3.  Gronkowski is one-half of the best TE combos the NFL has ever seen alongside Aaron Hernandez.  Hernandez is expected to be out about two weeks with an injury, so Gronkowski's production may rise even further in the next few weeks.

RB Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders

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    Height: 6'2''

    Weight: 210 pounds

    2011 Stats: 42 rushing attempts for 222 yards and one touchdown; eight receptions for 77 yards, one touchdown and one fumble

    Buy/Sell: Sell

    Darren McFadden has had a pretty solid season so far, but don't expect his early dominance to last.  With the Raiders' next two opponents being the New York Jets and the New England Patriots, McFadden will be put to the test with the start of Oakland's tough schedule.  The first two weeks were fairly simple games, but Week 3 is when they approach the difficult defenses.  

QB Colt McCoy, Cleveland Browns

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    Height: 6'1''

    Weight: 215 pounds

    2011 Stats: Completed 41-of-72 attempted passes for 424 yards, three touchdowns, one interception, a 56.9 CMP percentage and a 82.2 QB rating

    Buy/Sell: Buy

    Colt McCoy has so far proven that he completely matured from last season and is now ready to lead a football team.  McCoy has exhibited great poise and excellent passing ability thus far.  Expect him to be inside the top 15 quarterbacks this season.

QB Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

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    Height: 6'5''

    Weight: 248 pounds 

    2011 Stats: Completed 52-of-83 attempted passes for 854 yards, three touchdowns, four interceptions, a 62.7 CMP percentage and a 89.1 QB rating 

    Buy/Sell: Sell

    Cam Newton has seen so much praise as of late for his back-to-back 400-plus yard performances, however, the fact that he has only scored three touchdowns while throwing four interceptions should be a big concern.  Sure, he's going to score and put up yards, but he if throws more picks and earns the loss, who cares about the other statistics.  Newton is a work in progress.  He has superb athletic ability, but he needs to be more patient and look for more simplistic routes instead of making a risk for the big play.