Cardinals vs. Redskins: 3 Positives to Take Away from Arizona's Week 2 Loss

Roberto Payne@@HouseofPayne555Contributor ISeptember 19, 2011

Cardinals vs. Redskins: 3 Positives to Take Away from Arizona's Week 2 Loss

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    The Arizona Cardinals lost a close game, 22-21, to the Washington Redskins, but not all was negative.

    There definitely were negative plays, and certain areas—like the running defense—weren't even close to being satisfactory.

    That being said, the team did have a good rushing game and effectively pressured Rex Grossman into a couple interceptions.

    This game, like any other, needs to be used as a teaching example to help the team better prepare.

    Read on for three positives the Cardinals can take from this game and how it could help them next week against the division rival, Seattle Seahawks.

Dependable Running Game

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    Beanie Wells had 14 carries for 93 yards, and almost all his production came in the second half.

    Coach Ken Whisenhunt rarely called running plays during the first half and the team really struggled with time of possession. 

    Wells controlled the ball each time he ran and was incredibly slippery through the holes when he saw one.

    He constantly was fighting for extra yards and made the defense play more evenly.

    If Beanie had a bad game, Kevin Kolb would have had a much harder time throwing the ball.

    Running the ball is great for an offense, and head coach Ken Whisenhunt needs to employ more even play-calling.

The Defense Can Cause Turnovers

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    The defense might have given up over 450 yards, but they also forced Rex Grossman to throw two early interceptions.

    The Redskins were driving down the field before both interceptions, and the game could have been much different without them. 

    Adrian Wilson and Richard Marshall caught the two interceptions and helped bring momentum back to the Cardinals. 

    This defense could be very similar to the 2009 defensive unit (other than the amount of talent) and has the potential to force a decent amount of turnovers.

    The 2009 defensive unit was a bend-but-don't-break unit and forced its fair share of turnovers.

    With more practice time and film-watching, I expect the Cards could be one of the better defensive teams in the NFL

Kevin Kolb Gives the Team a Chance

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    Quarterback Kevin Kolb was 17-for-30 for 251 yards and two touchdowns en route to a one-point loss.

    Kolb once again handled pressure well and made a couple accurate throws while on the run.

    The offensive line allowed way too much pressure, but they are lucky to have a mobile QB like Kolb. 

    Kolb made one dumb decision the entire game and it really was more the offensive line's fault for not protecting him.

    He was flushed out of the pocket and made a poor throw trying to make something from nothing.

    When given the time, Kolb can lead the offense quite well, but it seems like opposing teams blitz the Cards all the time. 

    As long as Kolb is healthy and has targets on the outside, he can lead the team to a victory in most games.

    The team was driving late before Chansi Stuckey fumbled with a minute and a half left and effectively ended the game.