Jaguars at Jets: Five Adjustments the Jaguars Must Make to Get Back In It

Justin UseltonContributor ISeptember 18, 2011

Jaguars at Jets: Five Adjustments the Jaguars Must Make to Get Back In It

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    The Jaguars are getting manhandled by the Jets after two quarters of action and are in need of serious adjustments.

    Among them, the offensive line is getting completely dominated, and the Jaguars simply have no threat downfield offensively.

    They had better make the changes quickly.

    Here are five things Jacksonville has to do better in the second half to get back in it.

Throw Downfield

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    Jacksonville hasn't even threatened to throw it in the first half.

    The offensive game plan has been entirely too conservative to threaten an exotic defense like the Jets.

    For the Jaguars to move the ball more consistently in the second half, they have to give the illusion that they are willing to test the Jets secondary.

Offensive Line

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    The Jaguars offensive line is getting dominated, and they have to either move the pocket with a mobile Luke McCown, bring in an extra back for protection or go to three-step drops.

    Will Rackely is getting dominated by Muhammad Wilkerson, and the Jaguars have to do something to offset his ineptitude in the first half.


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    The Jaguars prefer to play an uncomplicated, base defense, but they have to get more pressure on Mark Sanchez.

    Sanchez has had all day, although he has thrown two interceptions. These mistakes haven't been forced, and I don't expect him to repeat this in the second half without being forced to do so.

Time for Blaine Gabbert

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    Luke McCown has been terrible in the first half. He's not the answer.

    Even if Blaine Gabbert plays poorly, he can't lose a game that is on the verge of being lost anyhow by McCown. The Jaguars need a change. They need to do something to change the energy.

    Time for Sunshine.

Zach Miller

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    Zach Miller has been a ghost in the first half. 

    The replacement for Marcedes Lewis has to at least keep the Jets linebackers honest enough to make them respect the intermediate passing game over the middle.

    Thus far, Miller has been a non-factor that can't get open in single coverage or zone.