NFL Predictions Week 2: Tom Brady and the Top Five Quarterbacks

Robert DemmettCorrespondent IIISeptember 16, 2011

NFL Predictions Week 2: Tom Brady and the Top Five Quarterbacks

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    Tom Brady put on quite a show on Monday night in Miami. In Week Two, expect more of the same from Brady and other quarterbacks, some of whom are looking for better games than their performance last week.

    Week Two has some games that feature a very favorable matchup for these quarterbacks. These quarterbacks will have to take advantage of this mismatch to lead their teams to a crucial Week Two victory.

    So here are five quarterbacks who will have a big game in Week Two.

    NOTE: The quarterbacks listed are in no particular order.

1. Tom Brady

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    The aforementioned Tom Brady had one of the most effective games at quarterback in NFL history on Monday night. In an opening game, with hot weather (82 degrees at kickoff) and an underrated defense (particularly the cornerbacks and Vontae Davis), Brady led his team on an offensive clinic.

    This week Brady goes up against the Chargers, who boast the best defense from last season. San Diego had the best pass defense last season and will look to continue that success against Brady. The Patriots have their first game at home and will be looking to build off of the momentum from last week.

    I'm skeptical of the Patriots' defense's ability to stop Phillip Rivers, but Tom Brady can exploit any secondary in the regular season. Expect a more balanced attack against the Chargers with Brady still leading the offense.

2. Sam Bradford

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    Despite hurting his hand in last week's game against the Eagles, Sam Bradford should be licking his chops at the thought of playing against the Giants' secondary. Although Bradford struggled at times against Philadelphia, the difference between the Eagles' secondary and the Giants' secondary cannot be underestimated.

    The Giants gave up over 300 passing yards to Rex Grossman last week. This is the same Rex Grossman that hadn't started a game since 2008. The Giants have been decimated with injuries and the secondary is thin. Although St. Louis' receivers do not scare anybody, they cannot be taken lightly.

    With Stephen Jackson likely not playing, the Rams will need Bradford to lead them to victory. Expecting a victory may be too much to ask, but Bradford will play well on Monday night.

3. Aaron Rodgers

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    This matchup just isn't fair. Yes, the Panthers are coming off of a good road game (despite a loss) against the Cardinals and yes, this is their home opener, but Aaron Rodgers is too good for them. The Panthers' defense had a solid game against Kevin Kolb, but Kevin Kolb is not Aaron Rodgers.

    Aaron Rodgers picked apart the New Orleans defense on opening night. When given this matchup, I expect the Packers to score early and often against the young Panthers.

4. Ben Roethlisberger

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    Ben Roethlisberger, along with the entire Steelers' team, was terrible last week in Baltimore. They have to recover in their home opener against the Seahawks. Roethlisberger should be better this week against an inferior opponent.

    Big Ben will go back to his form of being an above average quarterback and lead his team to a big win against Seattle this week. The Steelers will dominate and all of this talk about them getting old will get replaced by talk of how experienced they are.

5. Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    Ryan Fitzpatrick was an underrated quarterback last season, and last week may foreshadow his breakout season. The Bills play in one of their most anticipated home openers in recent memory after their domination over the Chiefs last week.

    The Raiders did not look overwhelming in their game against the Broncos on Monday night. The combination of a Monday night game and a cross-country flight after already winning a game will show on Sunday.

    Fitzpatrick should take advantage of the Raiders' defense, who did a good job stopping Kyle Orton for the most part. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better quarterback than Orton, and his experience and running ability will make the Bills a surprise 2-0 team.


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    These five quarterbacks should have good weeks against their opponents in Week Two. Most of the matchups are favorable to the quarterback and I expect these to take advantage of these mismatches.

    Tom Brady continues to cement himself as the best quarterback of this generation and has shown no signs of slowing down in the regular season. All five of these quarterbacks may not win their game, but they should put on a show.

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