Cam Newton: 5 Teams That Should Trade for Jimmy Clausen

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistSeptember 12, 2011

Cam Newton: 5 Teams That Should Trade for Jimmy Clausen

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    I think it's safe to say that Cam Newton has earned the starting job for the year.

    Some people were actually saying that Jimmy Clausen should be the Panthers' starter. Clausen actually was the starter less than a month ago in preseason. 422 yards and three total touchdowns later, Newton has taken away all doubts and taken the job entirely.

    So what should the Panthers do with Clausen now? Leave him to rot on the bench behind Newton, or see if you can get some value for him. It's not like some teams out there aren't hurting for a quarterback.

    Let's see five teams who might take a look (or at least should) at trading for Clausen.

No. 5: Kansas City Chiefs

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    Matt Cassell had a pretty great season last year. Over 3,000 yards and 27 touchdowns. But that was with Charlie Weiss calling the plays, and he's gone. This season will really show if Cassell is the real deal or just a product of the offense.

    After Sunday, it's not looking good. Cassell managed 119 yards on 36 attempts. That's about 3 yards per completion. Throw in one touchdown and one interception and you have yourself a thoroughly below-average game.

    Maybe the Chiefs should grab Clausen for some insurance in case Cassell keeps stinking up the joint. 

No. 4: St. Louis Rams

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    We don't know how long Sam Bradford is going to be out for. Could be 8 weeks, could be no time at all. But Rams fans couldn't feel good seeing A.J. Feely under center when Sammy boy was on the sideline.

    Bring in Clausen and see what he can do. At worst he'll be about the same as Feely, at best he'll be an actual productive stop-gap until Bradford gets back. 

No. 3: Jacksonville Jaguars

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    I know, I know, the Jaguars won on Sunday. But I can tell you it wasn't because of their stellar quarterback play.

    Luke McCown was good enough, that's really all you can say. 175 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions is a pretty "blah" game. If you don't get another solid performance from your defense, 17 points isn't always going to cut it.

    The Jags could bring in Clausen and maybe give their offense a little bit of a pop. Or they could stick with what's working until McCown actually costs them a game. 

No. 2: Minnesota Vikings

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    Let me throw a few stats at you:

    7/15, 39 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception.

    That was Donovan McNabb today. Yikes.

    If you're telling me that Jimmy Clausen can't be those numbers, I don't know what to tell you. McNabb just looks like he is done. The Vikings need another option and quickly.

    It shouldn't be that hard to hand off to Adrian Peterson and throw the ball 15 times a game. Clausen is still young and has good things ahead of him. I don't think McNabb has anything left in the tank.

    The Vikings should move quickly. If not with Clausen, with somebody.

No. 1: Indianapolis Colts

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    You see this guy right here? That's not your dad stretching in a Colts uniform for some reason, that's their starting quarterback Kerry Collins. Scary, I know.

    Let's be frank: Peyton Manning may very well be done for the season and there's even a small chance that his career may be over. The Colts need to start building for the future under center quickly.

    Kerry Collins wasn't terrible on Sunday, but a 50% completion rate and two lost fumbles does not inspire a lot of confidence.

    Bring in Jimmy Clausen and see what he can do. Clausen wasn't in a great situation in Carolina last year, but the Colts have weapons for him to work with. There's no reason he can't give you the same kind of production Collins does, and Clausen could help the Colts in the future. Collins can't do that.

    Indy shouldn't throw away their season with Collins. At least try to bring in some young talent and take a risk instead of settling for mediocrity with Collins. If Clausen actually proves to be a good QB, the Colts could sneak into the playoffs. If not, then it's probably not likely they were going to make the postseason anyway.