Fantasy Football Week 1: Mark Sanchez and 5 Stars to Sit Week 1

Ray TannockSenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 1: Mark Sanchez and 5 Stars to Sit Week 1

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    Fantasy football fans, it's time to bone up and really get into the Week 1 Start/Sit candidates before the opening day game on Thursday of this week.

    Yes, that's right, Thursday for those who forgot.

    Today I want to take a look at five candidates, like Mark Sanchez, that I feel you should be keeping on the bench for Week 1 and why.

    Let's take a sneak peek at my top five candidates to sit Week 1, and for a more in-depth look at some start/sit analysis, head on over to my Week 1 QB Rankings and Start-Sit Advice piece.

Percy Harvin: Vikings

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    A lot of games this week are going to be focusing on ball control, and this is definitely one of them.

    But the other thing to remember here is that the Chargers defense ranked second against fantasy receivers in 2010, and the Vikings D is more likely to run a lot which will keep Harvin's targets on the down side.

    Not a good matchup up at all.

Mark Sanchez: Jets

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    Sanchez really struggled this preseason with his deep-ball accuracy and short to medium passes, and against a very underrated Dallas secondary, Sanchez isn't in line to put up a ton of fantasy points.

    This game spells disaster for owners of Sanchez not just because of the aforementioned but also due to the fact that Jets are expected to run first to keep the Dallas offense off the field.

    No value here whatsoever.

Felix Jones: Cowboys

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    The Jets' linebackers are the bet around especially against the run, and Jones isn't the type of back to overcome such adversity faced.

    There is going to be a very limited chance of Jones doing anything at all in this game, so don't even think of giving Jones the nod.

Sam Bradford: Rams

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    If there is anyone out there fooling around with the notion of giving Bradford the nod against the Eagles' top covering trio, you may want to think again.

    The Eagles are just too good up front and in the secondary to think Bradford will offer fantasy owners anything outside of a headache.

    Keep him benched.

Zach Miller: Seahawks

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    The 49ers are not exactly the greatest team defensively for any tight end to face in the first place which makes this start a bad move.

    But you also have to remember that Tarvaris Jackson will be back there throwing the ball, which just spells disaster.

    It pains me to put Miller on any sit list, but it's the right call.