Fantasy Football: 7 Roster Cuts That Should Affect Your Draft

James ToljCorrespondent IISeptember 5, 2011

Fantasy Football: 7 Roster Cuts That Should Affect Your Draft

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    When a player is dropped, it opens the door for both rookies and veterans to step in and fill the void.

    This list looks at players that were cut before the regular season this year and shows what the impact will be on the fantasy value of the players left on the team.

    Let's take a look at the players who were released and what their release means for your fantasy team.

Bears: Chester Taylor

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    It was a long week for former Chicago Bears running back, Chester Taylor, after he wasn't quite sure if he would remain on the team.

    While the news certainly isn't ideal for Taylor, those who have picked up Matt Forte or Marion Barber should be pleased.

    Last season Taylor took over goal-line duties for Forte, which severely cut his value midway through the season.

    I can't say having Barber around will be much better for Forte (it seems Barber will have goal-line duties as well), but at least there is not a third back taking carries away from the two.

Cowboys: Roy Williams

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    Roy Williams' tenure with the Cowboys never really panned out. When he was cut by the team this offseason it left the them without a set number three receiver.

    Now that Williams has found his way to Chicago, the Cowboys are ready to move on. And it is Williams' departure that adds value to just about everyone on the Cowboys' offense.

    You can expect both Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten to see more passes coming their way. And no more drive-stopping drops, which will lead to more scores for Tony Romo and the whole Cowboys offense. Even Felix Jones at running back should benefit.

Patriots: Brandon Tate

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    The New England Patriots thought that Brandon Tate would turn into the deep-threat for them that Randy Moss once was. While Tate did catch some deep balls, he didn't make enough of an impression to keep him on the team.

    Tate is now on the Cincinnati Bengals where he will play sparingly as a wide receiver, as well as helping the Bengals return game (he has proven himself to be a solid return man).

    The cut clears room for the newly acquired Chad Ochocinco, who has the skill to be both a deep-threat and a possession wide receiver. Ochocinco will play alongside Deion Branch and Wes Welker, giving a boost to their careers, as well as his own.

    While Tate leaving won't change the high-powered offense much, it might just leave room open for some long touchdown grabs and for other players to stretch the field.

Titans: Vince Young

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    Vince Young was able to post some wins for the Tennessee Titans, but he definitely wasn't a wide receiver's best friend. Young often struggled in the passing game and his teammate's numbers felt the impact.

    Young was cut and went to Philadelphia, and the Titans began to look elsewhere for a quarterback (they drafted Jake Locker as well).

    After Young's departure the Titans picked up Matt Hasselbeck, who isn't a top quarterback or even close to the Matt Hasselbeck of old, but at least he can put up decent numbers.

    Hasselbeck probably won't have many 400-yard passing games or five touchdown extravaganzas, but he will do enough to give players like Kenny Britt and Jared Cook some fantasy value.

Ravens: Todd Heap

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    It was a slight surprise to see that the Baltimore Ravens had cut their long time tight end, Todd Heap. Heap had a stellar career with the Ravens, but his age and declining numbers were enough for the Ravens to let him go.

    Now that Heap is with the Arizona Cardinals, Joe Flacco will no longer have his safety valve.

    He has two young and talented tight ends though—Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson—but it will take some time to build a rapport with the two.

    Flacco's numbers shouldn't drop off much, if any. But you cannot replace locker room leadership and he might be looking more towards his receivers in Heap's absence.

Falcons: Michael Jenkins

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    As soon as Michael Jenkins was cut by the Atlanta Falcons, the Minnesota Vikings snatched him up.

    Jenkins suffered from injuries last year and started only nine games for the Falcons. One of the main reasons they no longer required his services was the addition of Julio Jones in this year's draft.

    Even if Jenkins had stayed with the team, Roddy White and Jones would of started and had similar numbers, but Harry Douglas will be the most affected.

    Douglas didn't have a breakout season last year even with Jenkins out, but he did show promise in the preseason. With Jenkins gone, Douglas will step in to the slot receiver role and he should put up decent numbers, too, as long as defenses key in on White and Jones.

Dolphins: Larry Johnson

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    The signing of Larry Johnson to the Miami Dolphins struck fear into the hearts of Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas owners alike.

    Now, with the news that Johnson has been cut, the owners of both players can breathe a giant sigh of relief.

    No one is sure exactly how much time on the field Bush and Thomas will get, but Johnson was extremely capable of taking carries away from both of them.