The New York Jets: 5 Players They Shouldn't Have Cut

Chris LeydenCorrespondent IISeptember 4, 2011

The New York Jets: 5 Players They Shouldn't Have Cut

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    In one of the most interesting days of the offseason, cut day forces teams to downsize their roster to 53 players.

    For the New York Jets that meant some tough decisions at positions that are important, such as quarterback, running back and wide receiver.

    Of course, the coaches and general managers know more about the players than general fans do, but from the outside there were five cuts that I thought were a bit questionable.

    The following slideshow highlights these five players and why I think they were mistakes.

    As always, feel free to comment on why these players deserved to be cut, or who else should be on this list.

Drew Willy

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    The reason I think the Jets should have kept Drew Willy is less because he had a stellar preseason (he didn't) and more because of the Jets situation at the position.

    Right now the Jets obviously have Mark Sanchez as a starter, but after that it is Mark Brunell, who has not appeared in any preseason games because of injury, and Greg McElroy, who hurt his thumb in the Jets preseason finale and it out for an unspecified amount of time.

    I imagine that either the Jets must have a plan on adding someone or they know more about these injuries than they are letting on, but from a strictly numbers standpoint it seems it would have made sense to keep Willy.

    Update: The Jets have reportedly claimed Kevin O'Connell off waivers, which should solve this QB conundrum. To create space they placed McElroy on season ending IR

Chris Jennings

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    As opposed to the situation at quarterback, the Jets have plenty of healthy running backs, but in my opinion they didn't keep the right ones.

    In many ways I think the Jets feel invested in both Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell because they used higher-round draft picks on them.

    Powell looked less than spectacular this preseason, although he did have some good runs. He also is a rookie so it would almost be unfair to cut him without giving him a serious shot.

    The bigger issue I have is with McKnight, who looks like a bust and has struggled to hold onto the ball in his appearances.

    Jennings had arguably the best play of the Jets preseason, and the Jets could use a big play running back like him.

Robby Felix

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    Like quarterback the Jets are very thin at offensive line, and Robby Felix was on the field a lot for the team.

    That didn't stop the Jets from cutting him, and then trading for Green Bay offensive lineman Caleb Schlauderaff.

    I am no offensive line expert, but Felix seemed to do an alright job when he was forced to step in, and I figured the Jets would want to keep someone who is comfortable with the system.

    This probably won't be the worst cut for the Jets, but if Nick Mangold were to go down with an injury it would definitely be a mistake.

Brashton Satele

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    I guess Satele proves the point that two good preseason games is not enough to make it as a backup on a good defense.

    Satele was great in the Jets win over the Bengals, with an interception he returned for 32 yards. He also recorded eight tackles in the game against the Eagles, when he was given more time on the field to prove himself.

    Unfortunately he was invisible in the Jets games against Houston and the Giants, and that may have cost him his job.

    Satele may have been a victim of the lockout, because as an undrafted free agent it was very difficult to learn everything and make an NFL roster this season.

Scotty McKnight

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    To be honest, throughout the preseason I didn't think McKnight had much of a chance to make this roster, but deep down I was rooting for him because I could see his potential as a Wes Welker-like slot receiver.

    McKnight literally had only a single catch all preseason, a touchdown in Drew Willy's first pass against the Eagles.

    That being said, he was a superstar in college, and is not the type of receiver who would drop the ball if thrown to.

    McKnight may come back to the Jets at some point, but for now that storyline of him and Mark Sanchez being lifelong friends will have to wait.