5 Chargers on the Chopping Block

Carlos SandovalAnalyst IIIAugust 30, 2011

5 Chargers on the Chopping Block

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    With the 2011 NFL season nearing, the San Diego Chargers are going to have to cut some fat to trim down the roster to the 53-man squad for the rest of the season. 

    Of course, it's going to be heart-breaking to see some of the players who had promising moments get let go by the Chargers. 

    Regardless, only 53 men can make the roster, and since football season is around the corner, it's time to put our big boy pants on and not shed a single tear for these fine, young gentlemen. 

    Here are five San Diego Chargers who should be cleaning their lockers out.

WR Kelley Washington

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    San Diego Chargers' wide-out Kelley Washington has been with the team since November of 2010. 

    And while he was the incumbent wide-out to beat when you dug deep into the Chargers' bag of receivers, the knee injury he suffered this preseason killed his chances of becoming a Charger in 2011. 

    Chargers' second-year wide-out, Seyi Ajirotutu beat out Washington for the final roster spot, but only by default -- Kelley didn't get to play in the final pair of preseason games, and he didn't get the chance to set himself apart from Ajirotutu or rookie Vincent Brown and retain a roster spot.

    Anything can happen, and perhaps Washington has shown enough potential for the coaching staff to overlook his injuries, but at this point, it's unlikely. 

QB Scott Tolzien

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    The San Diego Chargers have a great starting QB in Philip Rivers and a solid backup QB in Billy Volek, so the third man on the roster won't get much action at all, most likely. 

    Still, Chargers' fans dug Scott Tolzien and what he brought to the table this preseason. He went undrafted and the Bolts picked him up and saw he was actually somewhat polished-looking against third-string defenses. That's a good thing, and not a knock, I swear.

    Word on the street is that Tolzien won't be given the spot of third-stringer, but he'll be kept on the Chargers' practice squad and keep him occupied for the time being.

    Regardless, the Chargers needed someone to fill Charlie Whitehurst's important job (insert "LOL" here), and Tolzien proved to be someone worth looking at twice. 

RB Curtis Brinkley

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    Even though Curtis Brinkley was fun to watch in his very limited playing time in 2010 and through much of the preseason, the reality is that he's an undersized running back who relies on his strength, but isn't very strong at all. 

    We know Mike Tolbert and Ryan Mathews are getting roster spots; Jacob Hester will find himself carrying the ball a bit, too. 

    His main competition was RBs Jordan Todman and Brandon Sullivan, and though he beat out Sullivan, he didn't get enough leg to beat out Todman and was generally out-performed by him for most of the preseason. 

OL Colin Baxter

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    When the NFL lockout lifted, Colin Baxter had received quite a bit of attention from other teams so he could sign as an undrafted free agent. 

    Baxter was considered one of the better offensive linemen in the nation until he hurt his leg and seen his draft stock plummet. With the Chargers' he proved to be a halfway decent offensive guard and played well enough to put himself in a position to make the team. 

    The problem? The Chargers are pretty stacked at the offensive line positions, so it's not like Baxter was needed. There's some buzz about Baxter joining the Bolts' practice squad, though, so not all is wasted.

DB Quinton Teal

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    Quinton Teal has been with the Chargers on-and-off since 2010. He hasn't gotten many reps with the team, but he's definitely been serviceable when he has. 

    The Chargers wouldn't mind keeping Teal around had they not drafted two cornerbacks in the draft this past June; though Teal didn't do horribly this preseason, he was injured for most of it, and coaches aren't going to cut a drafted rookie in favor of a four-year vet who's coming off of an injury.