Most Likely NFL Trades to Occur Before End of Preseason

Eli Nachmany@EliNachmanyCorrespondent IIIAugust 25, 2011

Most Likely NFL Trades to Occur Before End of Preseason

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    For some teams, the preseason has opened their eyes to players who deserve a roster spot on their, or another, NFL team.

    Some of these players are the dirty little secrets of the practice squads or the veterans with one last thing to prove, but for other guys, they're premier players in a bad situation.

    It turns out, these players need a home too. So here are so trades likely to occur before the end of the preseason.

Stephen McGee

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    The Cowboys have an above-average starter in Tony Romo and a solid backup in Jon Kitna, but they face an interesting conundrum with Stephen McGee.

    McGee leads all quarterbacks in preseason passing yards as of Thursday night, and he would be intriguing trade bait for many teams around the league.

    With the backup quarterback becoming more and more important (see Colts, Indianapolis), a team may take a flier on McGee.

Frank Gore

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    Oh, look.

    A disgruntled star running back who wants a big-boy type contract from his lowly-to-middling team and held out for it.

    Wait, we're talking about Frank Gore?

    Yes, Gore's relationship with the 49ers is growing worse by the daym and it's only a matter of time before he's donning a new jersey.

Chris Johnson

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    Chris Johnson is one of the best players (overall, not just at his position) in the NFL, and he expects to be paid as such.

    Johnson does have a point: With the short shelf life of running backs and such, No. 28 wants his money before he's no longer a top-tier player.

    A team with a better Super Bowl chance than Tennessee will find a use for this superstar and pay him like the player he is.

Ryan Grant

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    I thought the Packers were smarter than this, but after fumbling the ball with the Nick Barnett situation and getting nothing for their star middle linebacker, Green Bay has done the same with Ryan Grant.

    This slide is not to say that I think he'll definitely be traded, but I will say that via trade or release, Grant will wear different colors this season.

    The truth is, Grant still has a lot left to contribute and the Packers are really not leveraging well with their trading.

Tim Tebow

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    Despite his charm, preparedness and vanilla appeal, Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports.

    College football fans want to believe that he can be a Super Bowl quarterback while NFL purists scoff at the thought.

    A rebuilding team in Denver doesn't need all of the Tebow drama and may end up trading the former Gator to a team that can deal with Tebowmania.